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I Hate College Application Essays

I Hate College Application Essays!

Applying to college is common for many high school seniors. To illustrate, let's pretend that there is a high school senior named Carina. Carina is a pretty good student, with decent grades. She has been busy filling out college applications. There is one particular college that she wants to get into, but the competition for admission is intense. One night, after dinner, Carina opens a letter from that college. It states that a college application essay is required and she needs to write it using one of the provided prompts. "This is annoying," she tells her friend over the phone. "I hate college application essays. Why can't my grades be enough?"

Many high school seniors share the same frustrations as Carina. The college application essay is daunting because it may be the final determining factor in getting accepted to a college, especially for students who barely make the mark on the other admission requirements. If you have to write college application essays, the following list has some tips.

  1. Prompts

Most colleges will give you a list of prompts for your application essay. You'll need to choose one of those prompts and focus your essay on that particular prompt.

  1. Honesty is Important

You do not need to overstate your accomplishments and activities. Most college admissions personnel understand that not everyone is the best at everything. All you need to do is honestly state what you've done during high school, as long as it fits within the context of the prompt. For example, if you were in marching band, you could include that activity in your essay.

  1. Be Coherent and Concise.

Most colleges suggest a minimum of 250 words, and there is no maximum. However, admissions officers get a huge amount of applications to go through, especially if the college is popular. They are not going to have time to read through a three-page essay of everything you've done in high school. The essay should be brief and to the point. A limit of 500-700 words is best.

  1. Show Your Likeability Factor by Being More Creative and Showcasing Your Individuality

You should write your essay as if it is a story, with a plot and characters. By being creative in your essay and incorporating positive personal elements into it, you are also showcasing your individuality. This, in turn makes you seem more likable.

  1. Show Your Intelligence

Colleges want to see how smart you are and that you love to learn. You can indicate that with the college application essay.

  1. Edit and Proofread Your Essay

This step is very critical. You can follow all the other tips that this article has already discussed, but if you turn in an essay that is full of errors, that will not reflect well on you. You need to take the time to go through your essay to make sure there are no errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage and syntax. You can also have a third party look over the essay for you.

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So, instead of saying "I hate college application essays," write it using the tips mentioned or turn to Prescott Papers for help.

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