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How To Balance College, Work, And Family

How to Balance College, Work, and Family

Juggling college and work only is a steep call and when you add family to this already-difficult combination, you are enhancing the task to near-impossible levels. Yet, there are many people in the world who are managing these three things and though not easily, are managing quite well.

From inputs taken from a wide spectrum of such people, I have put together this small list giving you tips on how to balance college, work, and family. Despite being very tough, the first thing you have to do is prioritize the order in which these critical elements of your life and rank them in the order of preference. And then look at the following tips on how to balance college, work, and family and implement those that work for you and/or fine-tune some of them to meet your needs.

How to balance college, work, and family

Review your course and syllabus as soon as you get them – This early scheduling approach will give you sufficient time and options to make detailed plans well in time. This approach also leaves you with a lot of flexibility to make changes when needed. When you know the deadline of various assignments, you can make early headway by starting ahead of time.

Instead of piling up all coursework till the eleventh hour, if you schedule daily study times and complete a little every day, you will not feel flustered nor will you feel the pressure of so many assignments.

Effective time management is very important for successful balancing these three elements of your life.

Keep both your professors and your work managers aware of your schedule – Your work manager should know well in advance about the times you will be off because of exams and tests.

Your professors should know that you are working so they understand and empathize with you and make whatever possible arrangements can be made with regard to coursework. Forewarned is forearmed.

Manage your finances prudently – Check out for funding options for your education and ensure that these options are optimized for your needs. Badly managed finances can be a huge strain on you and cause undue worry and stress.

Work out expenses and look out for cheaper variants for all your study and family needs. If you must buy textbooks (you could borrow from the library too), make sure you thoroughly research and the buy from a place that gives you the cheapest option.

While it doesn't make sense to scrimp unnecessarily, it is very prudent to maximize all benefits available to you. Feeding a family, paying for college, managing family-related expenses is not easy at all.

Finance management is as important as time management.

Synchronize your study time with that of your children – This has two benefits – it keeps them from disturbing you during your study time and secondly they will get into a disciplined routine of studying daily. Buy workbooks and other activity books and keep them busy while you study undisturbed. Also important, keep snacks readily available for them.

Make friends with your classmates (especially those who are not bogged down by as much responsibilities as you) – They can really be helpful with regards to clearing your coursework and aiding you in your assignments. And when it comes to group work assigned by the professors, these friends will ensure that you get the least amount of work.

Take regular breaks – Set aside one day (at convenient regular intervals) when you take a break. On that day, make sure you do not do any work; take an off from work, do not do any coursework, and see if you can put your kids in a day-camp. Such days can be extremely rejuvenating and you will be energized to get back to you tough routine again.

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