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How To Balance College And A Social Life

How to Balance College and a Social Life

Balancing college life and social life may seem like walking a tightrope. But, actually it is not as difficult as it seems and in this article, I hope to give you some great tips on how to balance college and a social life.

Types of students

In the matter of balancing academics and social life, I would like to categorize college students into the following three types:

  • Type I – Take their academics too seriously and completely leave out fun – a decent number of students fall in this category

  • Type II – Hardly care about academics and treat their entire college life as one big social party – a fairly large number fall in this category

  • Type III – students who know how to balance college and a social life well – I think only a small handful fall in this category

After dealing with many students over a long time, I have come to understand that the following are the reason for fewer people to fall in the Type III category:

  • Freshmen are not fully aware of what college life implies.

  • Many of the classes in the first year fall few and far in between and freshmen have assignments that usually have a long deadline period.

  • These long periods of seeming free time lull them into thinking that getting through college is going to be a breeze and they end up socializing without a care in the world.

  • After getting accustomed to this, many find it difficult to get used to the rigors of college study as they move up.

  • Some of them realize their mistake and quickly wake up from their slumber (perhaps, after receiving the jolt of academic probation). However, they get so filled with fear that they give up socializing totally and immerse themselves woefully into academics.

  • There are only a few mature students who do not get carried away by the free times of freshman year and, in fact, begin to prudently plan judiciously how to balance college and a social life so that they end college with flying colors in academics and do not at all miss out on college fun too.

There are many sensible methods to achieve this balance. These methods will also inculcate a disciplined habit into you that will not only help you become an esteemed member of the balanced Type III category but also help you make great strides in life after college.

How to balance college and a social life

Choose your dorm wisely – Every college dorm has evolved into segments of various cultures and types depending on the students who have been populating the place. Theme-based dorms such as Great Books, Science Lovers, Art Lovers, Vegan Groups and other such usually are filled with the more serious students than the General Area wherein all kinds of distracting people will live together. The latter dorm arrangement may not be very conducive for serious study and you could end up feeling peer pressure to do all the "wrong" socializing activities.

Choose a study area that is not very distracting – Instead of studying in your dorm (where comings and goings of dorm-mates and friends can be huge distractions), choose a quieter place that is conducive to studying. Your college library would be a great choice. Most college libraries are kept open 24/7 giving you immense flexibility to choose a daily study schedule.

Join worthwhile clubs – A good social life in college does not necessarily mean hardcore partying with flowing liquor, smokes, and drugs. Members of newspaper clubs, members of trekking and mountaineering clubs, members of science and art clubs, and other such fun activity associations also have a lot of fun. These places also help you meet and bond with new friends and have a wonderful social life in college.

Use the help of the college counselor or other outside help to keep track of your academics – Most colleges have in-house counselors who are more than willing to help students focus on academics. There are lecturers and teachers who would be willing to partner in your study plan by checking out your progress regularly and get you back on track whenever you are seen meandering.

Maintain a to-do list and planner – This approach will ensure that you have clearly made note of your upcoming assignments due dates. Include the scheduled time that you have planned to complete the assignments. This kind of meticulous planning will drive discipline habits in you and also will ensure that all your projects, assignments, and homework are completed.

Turn off your mobile phone during study time – Old-fashioned though I may sound, mobiles are the biggest distracters of young people today. It would be stupid to completely give up mobile usage because there are awesome benefits to be gained from this amazing invention. But, remember, during study time, you must turn off your mobile so that the distractions due to it are completely eliminated.

Take a good amount of rest – Please remember a healthy body is a precursor to a healthy mind. And your body needs good 6-8 hours of sleep a day. Have you noticed how angry and cranky you are when you haven't slept well the previous night? It is a sign that your body needs rest. For a good night's rest, all you need to do to keep socializing and partying activities for the weekends.

Manage your time well – When you procrastinate and put off all assignments for the last minute is when you feel the ugly beast of time management raise its head ready to devour you to pieces. Do not procrastinate needlessly. What needs to be done tomorrow, do it now; and what needs to be done today, do it now!

In your planner, please include a daily time management tracker and enter the details of how you spent your day. Record these details daily for one week after which review your inputs and you will be flabbergasted to know how much time you (intentionally or unintentionally) tend to waste each day. Be conscious of how you are spending time!

Eat well and exercise regularly – College life is not for diet fads! Please avoid all kinds of diet fads. Instead, eat nutritious food and ensure you are physically active. Joining a trekking club in your college is a great way to socialize and to keep fit; two birds with one stone.

Many times, I have noticed students who get overwhelmed with grand parties where liquor flows and where kids seem to have a ball. Don't be overwhelmed. Partying is something you can do at any time of your life, but college time lost is usually not retrievable. So, prioritize prudently; of course, you should have fun, but draw the line when you know and realize that you are going overboard!

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