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How To Balance College And Work

How to balance college and work

In this article, I would like to take and discuss two scenarios:

  • How to balance college and work (full-time)

  • How to balance college and work (part-time)

How to balance college and full-time work

Check out the following scenario – you have finished school; you have secured admission in a good college for a course of your choice; sounds great? Now add the following to the scenario: you are not an 18-year-old; your parents are not paying for your college education; you will have to work your way through college; this doesn't sound so great, no?

Well, you'd be surprised at the number of people with a full-time job who come to get a college education. Driven either by passion or a professional need, there are many men and women with a full-time job managing college also. Do you want to be like them too? Here are a few tips:

Create a support system – This support system has the power to make or break your life. Find people who love you and care for you and who you can approach for help. It could be your parents, your mentor in college, your manager at work, your next-door neighbor with a similar problem as yours, or anybody else. This strong system will reinforce your physical, mental, and emotional capabilities.

Find a flexible job that lets you work at different timings and/or days – Look for a job with plenty of flexibilities. An understanding employer and flexible working conditions help you cope with the struggle of work and college well.

Schedule your leave at your job place prudently – You know that the number of holidays you can take from work is restricted. As soon as you get your semester timetable from your college, remember to schedule your holidays for your midterm and end-of-term exams first. You cannot really afford to be working at your job on those crucial school days, can you?

Managing your time effectively is the most important aspect – Do not procrastinate; complete all scheduled jobs well within the given deadline; whether it from your college side or your full-time work side. Always finish work for the day and then only leave. Avoid putting things in your pending tray in office.

Let your supervisor know that you are balancing work and college – This will alert him to the fact that your workload is more than that of your colleague who is not in college. However, do not expect favors; just a little bit of understanding.

Focus on the positive result at the end of the struggle – Think of that promotion with an increased pay packet after graduating from college. Pin up a photo of a friend who had gone through the same struggle and yet managed well and is now much better placed than before. Such thoughts will keep you motivated and on track.

Do take off in between – Don't burn yourself out. Take small breaks, perhaps, over a weekend. You cannot sustain for long if you don't take time off to breathe and relax. In fact, after such rejuvenating short breaks, you will feel more energized and motivated to continue your balancing battle.

Keep your objectives clear – Before applying and getting enrolled in any college course, do some research and ensure that there is value for you in doing the course. See if it has the potential to get you a better job or a promotion or an increment. Understand why you are doing what you are doing and what do you expect to achieve at the end of the struggle.

Take work to school and take school to work – As much as possible, take assignments you did at work for your course and implement school projects at work. You must, however, remember that neither party should have a problem to do this.

Online classes – While there could be a significant difference between a college degree by actually attending college and a degree got from taking an online course, sometimes, this could be the only option for you. And there are many reputed colleges whose online course degrees are given ample recognition. Think about this option before you give up on your struggle.

How to balance college and part-time work

Balancing college and part time work is tough, but it is a little easier to do than having to balance full-time work and college. And remember you are not alone in this battle; there are many students who are learning how to balance college and work. Here are a few tips for you:

Ensure you have checked out all funding options – There are funding options for students through grants, student loans, and bursaries. Find out from your parents if they can support you at least partially. And before you apply for the student loan, check out with the Student Union if you are eligible for allowances etc.

Organize your time and your study and work schedules in a disciplined manner – Make a note of all your course assignment deadlines. Prepare for them and instead of piling them till the last minute do a little every day so that the assignments are completed well within the deadline.

Make a note of your work schedule. Never miss work for frivolous reasons; it reflects badly on your personality. Moreover, you will also need to find new part-time jobs and if you set a bad precedent with regard to work ethics, word will spread and nobody will want to hire you.

Let everyone know about your schedule – Your manager should know that you are studying also and you will need off days for exams and tests. Teaching staff also be cognizant of the fact that you are working to support your education; they will appreciate this attitude and there are high chances that you get sufficient leeway in terms of assignment deadlines, coursework, and more.

Eat well and rest well – Of course, you have to juggle between work and college. But, remember to eat well, rest well, and keep your stress levels manageable. Enroll in a fitness or mountaineering club. You will have fun socializing and it will help you keep fit too.

Final notes on how to balance college and work

While I fully agree that the process of balancing college and work (whether part-time or full-time) is really tough, let me give you some benefits of it:

  • Your time management skill will take a huge leap forward and, believe me, this skill is, perhaps, the most important one that will help you throughout your life

  • The work experience will be a huge value-add in your resume.

  • The work experience will teach you a lot of skills that organizations look for in potential candidates. These include teamwork, leadership, negotiation, and the ability to take on more than the usual workload.

  • Lastly, managing to work and study reflects well on your personality. You come across as a person who will never shirk responsibilities; that you are driven by challenge; that you do not buckle under pressure; that you understand balancing is the key to leading a happy and contented life. It adds an immense amount of maturity to your personality.

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