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I Am A College Student And I Need Money

I Am a College Student and I Need Money

Are you like most college students and find your bank account needing a little help? Working, a reasonable number of hours a week, throughout your college years can be extremely beneficial to a person (and their bank account for that matter!). Research done on the subject actually shows that students who work between 10-15 hours each week are much more likely to successfully finish their program and earn the degree they've been working towards. We don't recommend working much more than 15 hours a week while in college, as you don't want to take away too much time from studying, but 10-15 weekly hours will help financially, maybe even more than you might imagine. Putting in a few hours a week of work helps students stay focused and doesn't allow them to be so easily distracted. Working students are less likely to get involved with heavy drinking or drug use. A steady structure, including classes and some work, is great for keeping kids focused on what is important and remember why they are really in college. Students working part time throughout college tend to reflect positively on their college years and say that they feel that the fact that they were working helped give them a better college experience.

Working part time while attending university also can help get students ahead of the game. This way, when they graduate, they already have years of experience that someone who wasn't working obviously won't have. Of course it is important not to "overdo it" but a few extra hours a week can really make a big difference and teach you a lot. This experience can give you a bit more confidence when applying to jobs after graduation as well. Working in college is really a chance for you to start developing the type of skillset that people will be looking for from you after you graduate. Of course someone considering hiring you will want to see that you graduated and have your degree, but any extra experience you have to offer is just icing on the cake. If you are able to work in something that might benefit you in the field you hope to later work in is just one more plus. Working in certain jobs, for example writing, will allow you to develop your professional written communication. It also helps you to start to learn how to work with others in regards with what type of written work they are looking for you to produce. A job such a this will also help you to develop time management skills and even start to build a professional network. These perks can last well past graduation day.

Now that you understand the benefits of working throughout college, we want you to also understand the benefits of writing. The benefits of writing are endless. Are you skeptical? Just try it! Try writing even for just fifteen minutes a day for a few days and you will see the results for yourself. Research shows that the long term benefits of writing are undeniable. First, we would like to focus on the health benefits shown from writing. Studies have proven that people who regularly write experience fewer stress-related visits to the doctor, reduced blood pressure, improved mood, better general psychological well-being, lower reported depression rates, among others. If you think about it, this all makes sense. Writing is such a calming activity and just helps your brain to understand the information it is trying to process in a clear, concrete way.

Now we want to switch gears a bit and explain the social and behavioral benefits of writing. Writing helps to keep people more in touch with themselves and what is important to them. Research shows that people who write, either for work or for pleasure, have reduced absenteeism from work, improved working memory, improved sporting performance, altered social and linguistic behavior. Also, in students, writing tends to higher their grade point averages.

Taking this one step further, just to show you what great things writing has proven to do for people, just take a look at this. Medical studies have shown that writing is closely linked to the bettering of lung functioning with people with asthma. People with rheumatoid arthritis have declared that writing has helped to improve the severity and stresses of their disease. Poor sleepers have reported that writing even just 10-15 minutes before going to bed helps them get a sounder night's sleep.

Are you still wondering if writing is really for you? Have you never really considered yourself to be a great writer? No need to worry! Achieving great written work does take time. There is no need to rush it. With diligence and consistent writing, your results will improve and your own personal style with start coming through.

So we hope that at this point you realize the benefits of both working while in college and the benefits of writing. Why not kill two birds with one stone and do both, at the same time. We understand that many college students need a little extra money and some of our best workers have been college students. We hire people just like you and pay them to write. Would you like to give freelance writing a try? Contact us today at support@prescottpaper.com! We would love to have you join our team of experienced writers. Maybe you only have 5-10 hours to write per week. That's perfect! You will work around your schedule, at the time of day (or night) that is most convenient for you. We ask our writers to always write custom, original pieces. We do not allow for any type of copying or unoriginal work. You must write from scratch. We want to see your creativity and help you develop as a writer, so this will actually work to your own benefit.

Your next question most likely has to do with earnings. Pay starts at ten dollars per page, which is four to five dollars higher than most other services. Many other services pay even less than five dollars a page. A little extra money each week can't hurt, right? Also, working with us will not only provide you with financial support, it will also help you to develop your writing skills, time management and help keep you on track and ahead of the game when it comes time to graduate. So, what do you have to lose? You can give freelance writing a try with us, with no strings attached. If you decide you don't think writing is for you after all, that's no problem. At least you tried it out.

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