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Should I Quit My Job To Focus On College?

Should I Quit My Job To Focus On College?

All of a sudden, the nice-paying job that you signed on for at the beginning of college doesn't seem so nice anymore. The 20 hours per week that you had allotted at the start of the semester seemed easy to do then and now, those 20 hours are the ones that are playing havoc in your academic life!

Aren't these thoughts the reason for your question, "Should I quit my job to focus on college?" When you received your syllabus and coursework details in the first week, it looked like you would easily find "just 20 hours" from a week to work so that you could earn some extra money which is always welcome, isn't it? But then you didn't realize that the economics class was ready to devour you alive!

In this article, I want to give you reasons both for why you should quit and why you shouldn't quit your job to focus on college.

Reasons to go straight ahead and quit

You have too much going on in college this particular semester – After all, you have come to college to get a degree and hence that should be the primary focus of your life at this time. So, if you think you work is hindering your main target, then the answer to, "Should I quit my job to focus on college?" will be an emphatic YES.

You have got a great internship opportunity – This is an excellent boost to your academics and that it will pay you too is an added bonus. So, why work in another place?

There is no learning from your job and the money coming is not important to you – The two reasons for wanting to work while studying include earning some extra cash and learning a few extra skills at the workplace. If both these are not happening to your expectations then please quit.

Reasons to think twice before quitting your job

The money from the work pays for your college education – This is a no-brainer, isn't it? If you absolutely need the job because the income from your workplace is what is paying for your college fees, then no matter how tough the situation, it is prudent to find solutions for the challenges and keep your job. Quitting may actually not be an option at all.

You are just not managing your schedules prudently and in a disciplined manner – While it may be true that you are finding it difficult to manage work and college together, you must sit down and think whether you are doing things correctly and managing your time well.

You might be up at 5 in the morning and getting to sleep only around midnight; but, are you managing your time well in between. If you are partying more and spending more time on extra-curricular activities (more than needed), then you would need to rework your priorities.

Have you set a strict schedule for work and study? Do you follow this schedule diligently? If not, then that is what you need to focus on and not think, "Should I quit my job to focus on college?"

While some of the reasons for quitting and for not quitting your job are listed above, let me assure you that there are no hard and fast rules for such complex questions. Every student should analyze his or her situation and find out what suits the person best.

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