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Can I Buy College Credits?

College can take up to four years of your life. For some people, that’s too much time. For others, they get bored with sitting in the classroom because they learn the material much faster than other students. They prefer to gain knowledge by being out in the real world.

For instance, let’s say there’s a guy named Fred. Fred has a high IQ and has always been a year ahead of his peers in school because he learns stuff quickly. Due to his high competency in programming languages like C++ and Python, he was able to get work at a prestigious software company right out of high school. He’s done a great job, but now he wants some college credits to back up his knowledge to other people. He feels his real world experience should preclude him from sitting in a classroom. For people like Fred, there are other ways of getting college credits.

Can You Buy College Credits?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking to do. If you are looking to just get the college credits without putting any work in, the answer is no. You can’t just pay money and expect to get useful college credits that will count. It’s not going to be that easy. You still have to do some work, whether that’d be working in the corporate world, like Fred, or doing some studying in your own time. But there are ways you can buy college credits.

One way to buy college credit is to buy exams to take in place of classes. This is known as the credit by examination alternative. Here are some ways that this can be done.

  1. DSST

This is the testing program that allows you to earn credit for learning gained outside the classroom. You can utilize your insight from autonomous study, perusing literature about your chosen subject, and at work preparation. It was at first a Department of Defense program that was only available to military personnel, but, it has also been available to regular citizens since 2006, when a company called Prometric started administering the exams. There are around 38 exams that cover particular subjects. For example, there are 13 exams in the business category. If you’ve worked in an office since you graduated from high school, and want to get promoted to a managerial position, testing out and getting college credit in management by taking the DSST test in management can be an option for you. Each of these tests can cost as low as $80, much lower than the cost of a 3-credit college course.

  1. CLEP – College Level Exam Program

The 33 single-subject exams and 5 general exams in this program only cost $80 each. That is a total of $3280, much less than a semester at many colleges and universities. The 5 general exams can earn you up to 30 college credits – enough to replace a year of college. These five general exams cover the general undergraduate curriculum that is a part of many college degree programs, including beginning college mathematics, English composition, and statistics. These tests are accepted by many colleges and universities. Iowa State University is one such institution. While credit earned by testing out does not count toward a student’s grade point average at Iowa State, it can be applied towards graduation requirements, meaning students who choose that option can graduate faster.

  1. Specific university credit by examination programs

There are universities across the US that have their own credit by examination programs that students can take advantage of for a fraction of the cost of tuition.

If you’re wondering: “is it possible to buy college credits in other ways besides credit-by-examination?” The answer is yes, there is.

  1. First, by paying for professional training programs. Once you complete them, in turn, you can apply to have them count as college credit.

  2. Corporate training is also an option. From our example in the introduction, if Fred, the programming wiz, has completed any corporate training while working at the prestigious software company, he may be able to turn that into college credit.

Both of those options involve using the ACE credit transfer service, which has a registration fee of $40, including one transcript. Each additional transcript cost $15 each.

You can also buy college credits by paying for self-paced online web courses. There is online learning available in many subjects that gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace, and in your own time.

Regardless of how you choose to buy college credits, Prescott Papers will be here to help you. We don’t just provide custom written papers; we also provide academic assistance.

We have Ivy-League professors and graduates that can tutor you in the subjects that you want to test out on. So, if you want to test out on English Composition, we have experts in college English that can do that for you. We’ll help you in preparation on how to answer common questions on an English composition exam.

So, can you buy college credits? Yes, but you still have to put the work in. However, this is work that can be done on your own time. Traditional college classes only meet at certain times of the week, so by testing out, taking online classes instead, or converting your professional or military experience into college credit, you can have more time for other important parts of your life, such as your family.

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