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Quick Way to Earn College Credit

A lot of students these days prefer to get through college quickly. It could be that they learn faster than other students, or it could be that they feel they’ll get bored in four years. They would rather be out in the world. Fortunately for them, there are options.

A quick way to earn college credits is to take Advanced Placement classes while you are still in high school. AP classes, as they are referred to, award college credit so you can get ahead of the game in college before graduating high school. For example, you can take AP Calculus and/or AP History. This can be a way to get through college quicker.

Let’s pretend there’s an 18-year-old guy who just graduated high school and is entering a University in the fall as a freshman. During his last two years of high school, this student was able to take two AP Math classes and two AP English classes. He not only got college credit for those classes, he satisfied the general curriculum requirement for Math and English as a result. He already has a quicker way to his degree than his fellow freshman, and he’s not even on campus yet.

Of course, Advanced Placement classes are only available when you are still in high school, and you have to fulfill certain prerequisites to be able to take them. If you are not able to take Advanced Placement classes, there are still other quick ways to earn those college credits.

Another fast way to each credit in college is the credit by exam alternative to the traditional classroom. In addition to the individual credit by exam programs offered by many universities, you can also use knowledge you gained through leisurely pursuits or on the job to take the CLEP (College Level Exam Program) exams and DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) exams.

For each of those programs, the exams are only $80 each and cover a variety of different subjects that are covered in college. While DSST started out as being only available to the military, it is now open to everyone. Both DSST and the College Level Exam Program is accepted by many accredited colleges and universities. The best thing about doing the credit by exam alternative is that you can study in your own time and at your own pace. You can still work at your full-time job and spend time with your family.

For instance, we’ll pretend there’s a woman in her 30s who has never been to college. She could not afford to go, and just had to start working. She’s managed to find a steady job working as a front desk clerk at a hotel, but wants to do more. She’s realized that the only way to get a better job is to have college credit. So she starts studying up, takes some CLEP exams, and ends up with college credit that she can put on her resume. As a result, she’s able to get a higher paying job. She now works as a senior manager at the hotel where she started out as a front desk clerk. She was able to accomplish this in a faster manner because of the quick way she went about getting legitimate college credits in management. She was also able to freely schedule her study time for the exams along with her full-time job and taking care of her family.

As you can see, the exam credit alternative is especially beneficial to adults looking to get back into school in a way that doesn’t disrupt the current flow of their lives.

Another way to get through college quickly is to take accelerated classes, either in person or online. If you’re a fast learner, this may be a great option. Many colleges and universities offer courses that take only up to 8 weeks to complete, instead of a whole semester. It seems like more work because you have to complete more in a shorter period of time. But you get the credits faster that way.

There are even accelerated degree programs so students can get their college degrees faster. Many of these programs are online, which makes them more convenient as well. For example, Rasmussen College (www.rasmussen.edu) offers accelerated degree programs that helps students graduate in about 18 months. That’s only a year and a half of college. It can be even less if you already have previous college credit before joining the program.

Regardless of which quick way you use, Prescott Papers is one company that can help you. For a price, Prescott Papers can provide tutoring on subjects and other academic help. We have access to Ivy-League scholars who are experts on countless subjects. As always, we can provide custom-written papers as well, which is great for those students that are taking shorter, faster-paced classes.

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