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How To Be A Single Mom In College

How to Be a Single Mom in College

Take the following questions:

  • How to manage college and part-time work?

  • How to manage college and full-time work?

  • How to manage college, family and full-time?

  • How to be a single mom in college?

If I had to rate the above in terms of difficulty, I would easily and unequivocally rate the last one as the most difficult of the four situations. "How to be a single mom in college" combines the stresses and pains of all the ones above it and more!

College by itself is hard enough and if you have a little child involved, then the problems can become so huge that you are completely overwhelmed unless you take charge of yourself and your child. The financial and academic challenges for a single mom can really play havoc.

These challenges, notwithstanding, there are numerous examples of single moms who have wonderfully managed the two aspects and have become successful professionals. And here are a few tips for you:

How to be a single mom in college

Understand your difficulties – The first step is to clearly and objectively understand all your difficulties. You will probably be bogged down by the following issues:

  • Low income

  • Full-time job to manage

  • Need for financial help

  • Flexibility in terms of time both at work and college

  • An affordable child-care facility

As you see the difficulties are huge but definitely not insurmountable. If you love your child and you want the best for him or her, getting yourself a college degree even under the pressures of huge challenges is the most prudent decision you can take.

Financial help – There are options wherein you can apply and get government grants given especially for single moms. Do some bit of research and see which grants you can apply for and are eligible for and make sure that such financial opportunities come to your help. The reason I chose to mention grants first is because you don't need to repay this and hence are the nicest way to receive financial help.

There are a lot of other financial schemes for single moms in terms of bank loans, scholarships, low-income home rentals, and more which can be very useful for you. Also, please find out from your employer if there are special advances and/or loans that you can take under the "single mom" category. There are many employers who are willing to pay for their employees' college education in return for a minimum-period working bond. A large part of your problem will be solved when finances are under control. So, don't hesitate to take help from all legitimate sources.

Special accommodations at some colleges – There are a few colleges that offer accommodations at affordable rates for single moms who are keen on getting a college education. Scout for these kinds of colleges and apply to them. As there are usually long waiting lists, make sure you plan ahead and apply as early as you can.

Online and Distance learning programs – Instead of a full-time course, you could opt for online and distance learning programs which have immense flexibility to suit your needs. You will have access to lectures, video materials, and course materials at your fingertips and you could choose your study time when it is most convenient to you and your little one(s).

Time management – For success in any venture, time management is a key element; when you managing college and being a single mom, this aspect takes on even more importance. You are not only responsible for yourself but also for your kid(s) in terms of giving them their meals, managing their school, and ensuring that their other basic needs are fulfilled. For all these things to work well, you need to manage your time very efficiently.

Sit down and make a timetable for yourself and your kid(s). Make sure you follow it diligently which will go a long way in making your life run smoothly. Also, it is important to review this timetable regularly and make changes appropriately. Time management has to be done whether you are working part-time and studying full-time or studying part-time and working full-time. You must unfailingly make adjustments as and when things change either for you and/or your kid(s).

Focused courses and academic advisors – There are many colleges that offered courses focused on single moms. These courses include stress management, parenting guidelines, resources available for children, and more. These are conducting during college times so that most single moms do not miss out on the learning.

There are usually academic advisors in the form of lecturers from the college who are either trained and/or experienced in the areas of single mom's issues. These advisors are also available to help and guide you through your difficult phase. A lot of interaction happens between single moms and these academic advisors and plenty of suggestions and ideas are exchanged making both the college and single moms more enriched.

The colleges are made aware of problems that single moms face and how they can help and single moms understand that their college is doing the best it can to help them to get that coveted degree.

We, at Prescott Papers, do our bit too to help single moms clear college more smoothly and with lowered stress levels. Please do contact us to buy custom essays, homework, and more. This will help you save time and manage your life better and considerably lower your stress levels too.

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