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How To Feel Happy About Going To School

How to Feel Happy About Going to School

For some of us going to school can be such a chore. School brings with it the following problems:

  • Studying

  • Exams

  • Assignments with deadlines

  • Complex love and friendship issues

  • Getting up early every day

The above list is hardly exhaustive and for someone who hates school, this list can fill a book. Yet, if you sat down and thought about it objectively, you will realize that school can be great fun! You just need to plan well, keep positive thoughts, ensure you have made time for fun activities also and you will see it is possible to feel happy about going to school.

Are you surprised? Well, it sure can and this article is aimed at teaching you how to feel happy about going to school.

Simple tips for how to feel happy about going to school:

Set up and strictly follow a schedule – Spend a little time on Sunday to plan for the week ahead. Use a planner and firstly mark off time for all the important things for the week including assignments that are due, study times, any planned extra-curricular activities, and more. Do include time for fun and exercise too.

Use color-coding for your timetable; blue for class, yellow for homework, red for part of a big assignment, your favorite color for the party, and so on. Nothing like some bit of color to perk your life up! Last but not the least (with regards to scheduling your life) is not to procrastinate. Putting off planned work is, I believe, the first step to failure.

Break big assignments into smaller bits - When you get big assignments, remember to break them into management chunks. It is very easy to work with small bits and then spend a little time at the end to stitch the whole assignment together. Doing this makes your life easy and gives you the opportunity to go over your work twice; once when you are tackling it in manageable chunks and a second time when you are putting the whole thing together!

Choose the right environment for your study time – Avoid studying in places with plenty of distractions in the form of classmates, friends, and sometimes, even family. Find a calm peaceful area like your room or the library for your study. Turn off notifications from social media platforms, phones, and emails.

Decide what you are going to wear – Petty though this might seem, have you realized how many times you end up being late for school because you cannot decide what to wear in the morning? It is a fact that deciding your wardrobe for the week on Sunday itself will make your daily schedule go smoothly and your day will start on a positive note on a daily basis.

Ensure you have included fun activities in your schedule – Always thinking of academics and extra-curricular activities will lead to feeling fatigued thereby setting in a mood of unhappiness. To avoid this situation, make sure your weekly timetable has a little time set aside for the fun things you like to do. The activities could include:

  • Listening to music with friends

  • Spending time with friends simply making mindless chatter (yep, I know this relieves boredom like little else and indulging in this occasionally is perfectly alright)

  • A hobby you are passionate about

Final Notes

No matter how much you plan and try your best to everything right, there will be times when things go awry. Take these difficult times in your stride and pick up skills on how to feel happy about going to school.

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