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How To Survive Your First Year Of College

How to Survive Your First Year of College

Your first year of college is crucial in terms of making a success of moving from the mindset of being in school to that of being in college. You could have been valedictorian in your school, you could have topped your class in school, you could have been the captain of your school team, you may have secured the top percentile in your class in school; all these achievements happened in your school.

In your first year of college, these achievements that set you apart in high school do not hold much water and you would have to start from the scratch again to prove your mettle and worth to your seniors and peers in college. Moreover, you will realize the added pressures and stresses in school were negligible as compared to what is happening in your freshman year!

Despite challenges that you will face in college, let me assure you that the share of fun, socializing, networking, new friends, and more is far bigger. It makes a lot of sense to work a little hard and understand tips and tricks on how to survive your first year of college.

With the help of these tricks and tips, you will be able to survive the first year of college and once you get the hang of what to expect from college life, it will be one of the happiest and most memorable phases of your life.

How to Survive Your First Year of College

Do not miss out on any of the orientation programs conducted by the college for new students – The reason for this is the better you know the way around your college campus and what formalities and procedures are required by the college authorities, the more comfortable you will feel in your new place. You will be better equipped to handle issues and challenges that you encounter.

Organize yourself from Day One – While you were in high school, most of the due dates and homework deadlines were followed up by your teachers. You received a lot of help from them to finish your work and assignments. They were almost micro-managing your study pattern and you merely needed to follow their lead.

When that molly-coddling effect goes away, suddenly you are going to feel vulnerable, fearful, and doubtful of your own capabilities. There is nothing to be afraid of. Once you get your course details, assignment details, and deadline, start your organization and prioritization. Schedule your daily study time and follow it through by implementing it without too much of deviation.

This kind of strict organization pattern that you set for yourself from the first week of college itself will go a long way in helping you complete all given work on time and thereby earning brownie points from your teachers and admiration from your peers. This will boost your self-confidence and you will be well on your way to earning your college degree with flying colors.

Make friends with people in your residence hall – You are going to spend a large part of your next few years with these people. Do not hesitate to befriend everyone in your residence hall. There will be other first year students in your residence hall too. They are probably going through the same emotions and fears that you are going through. It would be great if ideas could be shared to help each other.

Attend classes regularly – While this seems obvious to you during the start of college, yet as you begin to settle down in college and start your social life, there will be many occasions when you have had a long night and you cannot bring yourself to get up on time for the 8 AM class. If this quality to fall for temptations is not managed initially itself, you are bound to get into a bad and irreversible habit of bunking class for myriad reasons.

Attending class is very important because a lot of vital information including what kind of questions to expect in an upcoming test, any changes due dates etc is shared by your teachers. Additionally, your engagement and interactions in class along with your course materials will make your learning process more wholesome and complete.

Engage with your professors – While, initially, it may seem that college teachers are not as endearing as high school teachers, they are extremely knowledgeable and love to share information with their students. But, unlike high school teachers, they expect you to show more interest and engage with them. After all, you are not a child anymore but an adult who must take onus for his or her life. Engage with your professors and see how they enrich your life.

Participate in campus activities – One of the main reasons you will feel depressed in your initial days of college is because you are homesick and you sense a loss of identity. Participate in as many campus activities as your course will allow you to. This will keep you busy and also as you interact with your peers and seniors and showcase your talents, you will find yourself being treated with respect and you will feel a sense of belonging.

Final Notes

Now, that you have a few tips on how to survive your first year of college, use them to your advantage. I am not saying that with these tips, your first year will be stress-free and totally smooth. There will be hiccups, but be aware that these setbacks are only temporary and they will phase out. Be patient with yourself as you learn the ropes of college life.

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