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I Am A College Student Who Is Against Free Tuition

I Am a College Student Who Is Against Free Tuition

I Am a College Student Who Is Against Free Tuition - The above statement is a very compelling and one that exhorts people to stop looking for freebies and instead work hard for everything in life.

However, the flip side of this argument can also have compelling points including the fact that money between a student and teacher reduces the rather noble relationship to a mere business deal and hence making the learning feel like a transaction.

This article is aimed at giving you pros and cons (based on interactions with our students) of getting a college education free of cost.

Reasons why college tuitions should not be free

It is unfair for the graduates who have already finished their education by paying and now will also have to pay more taxes to implement free college tuitions for the present students – Now, this does seem to be doubly unfair to earlier students especially those who took student loans and paid off the debt too.

It is possible to keep college costs to a decent amount which can be funded by low-income families too – The following ways can keep college costs definitely affordable for all:

  • Complete the first two years of college at a community college where tuitions are waived and general education comes at a very low price

  • Finish the last two years in a public university and work your way through college

  • Work hard and increase your test scores to earn merit-based scholarships

By employing the above methods, many students have been able to finish college with little or no parental help! So, these people advocate, stop complaining and get to work!

Offering free college tuitions would limit available choices – Private colleges will struggle a lot to maintain their position along with government-funded public universities. Without funds, private colleges will not be able to able to function and hence choices of good universities will become very limited.

Undue governmental control is not good for education – If college tuitions are made free, then there will have to be government funding. This way, the government will have undue control over educational institutes which can have the potential to hamper learning and development in colleges.

More governmental control would invariably translate to bureaucratic and rigid norms leading to an environment that is hardly conducive to gaining knowledge. History has proved time and again excessive government control rarely gives optimum results.

Reasons why college tuition should be free

People who believe that college tuition should be free in the following sense: While education does cost money, it should be a direct cost to the direct beneficiaries namely the students. The arguments they attribute to this reasoning includes:

An educational degree is not something one buys; it is not a product to be sold – This, perhaps, is the most compelling reason given by advocates of free college tuitions. The present scenario between teachers and students, the advocates claim, seems like a business transaction and there appears to be a lack of nobility that used to make the realm of education stand above other "professions."

The students pay and buy the product of education from teachers who sell it at a prescribed rate, perhaps, driven by a sense of profit and loss. By making college tuitions free, this transactional relationship between college and students will break down and education will be more wholesome and complete.

Free college tuition will create a level playing field for all students – Presently, the people on this forum argue, students who have to pay by working part-time will be more stressed than those people who get their education funded by rich parents. This creates an imbalance in colleges. A working student will have to work doubly hard than one who doesn't need to work and this is an unfair scenario.

Businesses can afford to pay for it – Historically, educational institutions have been run and managed by wealthy industrialists as a form of philanthropy. They, in fact, save and keep aside capital for this express purpose and education without the stress of fees helped scholars thrive in their learning process.

Today' corporate-culture educational institutes hardly confer a meaningful learning environment for students. It is more of a pressure cooker wherein students spend far less time learning and far more time managing other profitable activities.

Free tuitions level out potential unfair debt repayment terms – When students take loans to fund their education, the interest starts to accrue from the first day although repayment may be deferred till the student finishes college and gets a job. However, it is unlikely that all students will get jobs that pay the same; some will get a lower salary than others.

So, the lower salaried person's repayment capacity will be lesser than the person earning a higher salary and hence the former's accrued interest is going to be a larger amount than that of the latter despite both earning the same educational degree. This is definitely unfair and hence, free college tuitions will clear this ambiguity out.

Disposable income of individuals will become less as they will be burdened with student loan debts – As a large part of the individual's income will go towards repaying the student loan, their disposable income will automatically get reduced and hence their contribution to the country's economy will be negligibly little or completely absent.

If European countries can do it why can't the US – Many European countries including Germany, Finland, and Norway offer free education and in Norway and Finland, free college education is extended to even foreign students. So, there is a working example that can be easily emulated in the US too.

Final Notes

While in theory, the idea of free college tuitions sounds great wherein more students will be able to attend college and hence the population of our nation will be more discerning and mature through the acquisition of a college degree, in practice, this is not good at all.

Seemingly "free" college education would translate to enhanced taxes which is an added burden to an already overburdened citizenry; it would translate to more control from the government which is not a good idea for the growth of education; it would translate to fewer studying options for future students.

Instead, the advocates of "I am a college student who is against free tuition" urge people to work hard (yes, doubly hard if you need to fund your own education), apply for as many scholarships as you can and finish your college degree without complaining. Higher education is not a right but a privilege and privileges do not come free of cost.

College is the first step to the "real world" and the hardships endured here strengthens your resolve to succeed. College is a transitional phase and expecting it to be easy without having to work hard is not only unfair but also reflective of a lazy attitude.

The stress of having to work part-time, of having to get decent GPA scores, of having to do more things should only motivate a student to achieve greater goals. The advocates of "no free college tuitions" argue that if you cannot manage the stresses of college life and related work, then how will you manage the far greater perils of the outside world?

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