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I Want To Have More Fun In College

I Want to Have More Fun in College

As you begin settling down in college and go through the motions of college life like an automaton running to and fro for classes, finishing assignments, managing laundry and cleaning work and other things, you might wonder where is the time and energy for the "fun" in college.

However, having fun in college is entirely dependent on you and you alone. You need to buck up, clear classes, look after yourself, and yet find time to have fun. And, believe me, this is possible and here are a few tips that will change your sentence from "I Want to Have More Fun in College" to "I am having fun in college."

How to have more fun in college

Socialize with friends – college is all about friends. Friends in college most likely build friendship bonds that more often than not last entire lifetimes. Always go for parties with your college friends; avoid going alone; there is safety in numbers and it is always more fun to party with known friends. However, a word of caution on overdoing parties especially those which have too much of liquor flowing.

When going for theme parties, add some creativity to your attire – Nothing attracts young people more than creativity and you should know it. So, when it is a theme party you have been invited to, spend some time and energy and make your attire as creative as you can. You will have fun and gain some respect among peers too.

Bond with college friends during breaks – You could think of taking a road trip with them during your summer or spring break. Without the pressures of studies, bonding with friends is more fun and this kind of bonding will keep your friendship fresh and filled with vitality and vigor.

Join a club – Joining a club that encourages your hobby will put you in touch with students who share your hobby. It will be great fun to bond and build trusting relationships while doing something that all of you enjoy and are passionate about. Moreover, as part of the club, you could get opportunities to participate or manage events of the club. Sharing such responsibilities can be fun too.

Also there are clubs that you could join just for the sake of fun without too much seriousness attached to it. This will relieve stress from your daily routine and also enhance your fun days in college. Examples of such clubs could be one of the following:

  • A tap-dancing club

  • A waltzing club

  • A Star-Trek club

Of course, it is important not to overdo on the clubbing angle. The stress from attending too many club events could simply add to your stress levels and reduce your fun in college.

Final Notes

The idea of fun is a very personal one. What is fun for you need not be for someone else and vice versa. So, find that part that makes you happy. Don't follow the herd simply because it is fashionable to do so. Find your space in college and add spice to your college life.

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