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Things To Do As A Chinese College Immigrant

Things To Do As A Chinese College Immigrant

The United States is a haven of educational opportunities for communities from all over the world. The country has attracted student talents from many Asian countries such as China, India, etc.

In fact, a large number of teenage student immigrants from China are being sent to the US for high school education in the hope that college admissions will be easier (because a US high school degree carries a lot more weight than that of another country) than if they applied from their hometowns.

Before we can go to things to do as a Chinese college immigrant, let us look at the reasons why so many Chinese students choose to come to the US for studies.

Reasons to choose the US for education

They believe that the Chinese education system has not been altered to meet the demands of the modern world – Many Chinese students do not feel inspired by the rather archaic and flawed education systems followed in their universities. Many believe the learning poetry of a 7th-century poet (which is a prerequisite for clearing a particularly difficult entrance exam called gaokao to make it to any of the universities there) is completely irrelevant in today's world.

These students prefer coming to the US for their education which promises to equip them with skills needed for success in the modern world. They are smart enough to accept the failings of their systems and are willing to take risks of leaving their homes to gain a better foothold in one of the largest and most powerful economies of the world.

Many rich Chinese students find it convenient to study in US colleges – That gaokao entrance exam for entry into top Chinese universities that I told you about in the previous point is far, far tougher than the SAT. One particular Chinese student I met said if SAT is like a half-marathon then gaokao is like an Iran Man triathlon. It is extremely difficult to clear and, of course, there is ample competition. So, the rich Chinese who can afford a US university education do not hesitate to flock here.

The Chinese are extremely ambitious people – An Ivy League degree is something of a privilege for many rich Chinese. An Ivy League degree reflects the successful upbringing of parents. This motivation drives them hard and a lot of students attempt to get admission to one of the prestigious universities in the US.

Things to Do As a Chinese College Immigrant

Moving to the US for studies is not easy for many Chinese college immigrants. They face a lot of challenges in terms of culture difference, language difference and more. There are three critical factors they need to work on to make their education venture a success.

Motivation – Maintaining and sustaining a high level of motivation throughout the study period is a difficult task for many Chinese students. They are going to do things that they never did their lives before including living alone, managing a new language, adjusting to a completely new culture, and more.

The challenges of leading a life without parents, without the familiar friends, getting your palate to adjust to new foods, etc can have a debilitating effect on motivation levels. As a Chinese college immigrant, you must ensure that you are well-prepared both mentally and physically to manage the problems in living in a new, far-off country.

You can find motivation from a variety of sources including your own ambitions and dreams, your parents and their love for you, the understanding that this temporary phase will not last and if you come through this then you have a multitude of avenues in terms of a better social status, improved job prospects, etc.

It is going to be difficult initially. But, once you get over the initial awkwardness and differences, you will be able to settle down in your new home and find new friends and fit in very easily to the free culture of the country.

Language – Most Chinese college immigrants have a lot of problem with language. Despite their intelligence in the subject matter, they lose self-confidence because of lack of English skills. Even though English is taught in Chinese schools, the focus is more on the written format than the conversing format. Talking in English for a Chinese can be quite a challenge. Imagine coming to study in the US and not being fluent in the English language!

Hence, English skills or lack thereof is bound pose a huge problem for you as a Chinese college immigrant. Be patient with yourself as you learn and master the language both in written and oral formats. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact Prescott Papers for all your academic writing needs. Our team of qualified and experienced writers would gladly give you a helping hand during your struggling times.

Culture – The Chinese culture is long and old and has seen various changes in form and character. In the Chinese culture, academic brilliance, independent learning attitude, and hard work are deeply inculcated in every child. Their values and value systems are very different from what is prevalent in the US. This deeply ingrained need for being an independent learner with minimal help prevents them from approaching professors for help. This adversely affects the learning experience in the US.

As a Chinese college immigrant, I would urge you to follow the system where you are studying and unlearn some of the cultures that prevent your growth. This will help you get better adjusted to the US education culture and you will be very successful.

Final Notes

Problems and difficulties are part and parcel of human life. If you get scared of them and choose not to take advantage of the good opportunities available, you will be the biggest loser. So, instead of being cowed down by challenges, use them to uplift yourself to higher ground and find your path to success.

At Prescott Papers, we empathize with your problems as you struggle to settle in a new country and find ways to overcome challenges. Do not hesitate to call us for all your academic writing needs including custom essays, assignments, projects, etc.

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