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Why Do Students Work

Why Do Students Work

When a student life is meant to learn and gain skills by doing various courses, why do students work in college? While on the face of it, it seems cruel that a student has to undergo the hardship of working while studying, there are many benefits in this situation.

This article is aimed at giving you reasons for why do students work while studying and also some benefits of working part-time while studying

Why do students work part time?

Students work part-time to avoid or reduce debts – We all know that college education is expensive and many students are compelled to take loans to fund their education. When you choose to work part-time, you can end up avoiding or, at least, reducing debts. A part-time job combined with competent budgeting can help you save money and costs.

Student loans are expensive and will result in slowing down your progress in terms of buying a home or starting a family. By working part-time during college, you can avoid this unpleasant situation by reducing your financial burden considerably. Full-time working can be a huge burden for you, but it is quite possible to work part-time and complete college successfully.

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Working while in college will give you valuable work experience – After finishing a year or two of college, you can find jobs from your field itself. This will help you get on-the-job training giving you a competitive advantage when you apply for full-time jobs after completing college. While working in places that are directly connected to your field is a great experience, even working at other places will enhance your resume.

For example, suppose you worked part-time as a babysitter while in college. Suppose after you finished college, you applied for a marketing job in a toy company. Your experience as a part-time babysitter will give you an advantage over someone who has had no experience at all.

Even if you cannot find a connection, working in a real-life scenario adds plenty of value to your resume because you will pick up critical skills such as teamwork, the discipline of reporting to work on time, understanding corporate hierarchy, etc. So, any kind of part-time job that you do while working will give you valuable work experience.

Working part-time while in college gives you valuable management skills – When you start working at a place, the environment there is very different from a classroom environment. At work, you might have to attend meetings, complete feasibility projects, meet project deadlines, etc. Balancing work and college courses will expose you to time management and other critical management skills which are highly valued in the corporate environment. You will also learn to deal with people of all kinds. The people at school and the people at work call for different handling skills and hence you will gain valuable people management skills too. These skills will be a great help in the outside real-world scenario.

Working part-time actually helps you improve your grades – Surprised? Well, actually there is nothing to be surprised about. This is because when you have been juggling work and college three to four years, your organization skills, your time management skills, and your prioritization skills take a huge leap forward.

As you are acutely aware of your needs and the potential reward at the end of the struggle, you will be able to focus better and increase your productivity. You will learn which the most effective working style is for you. While there are people who can work 30 hours a week there are others who work 20 hours. Their productivity may not differ much but the working styles are different and it is imperative to discover what works best for you.

By combining work and college, you will be able to find out this important information about yourself and leverage it to make sure you do a great job at your workplace and at college. Thus, you will see an increase in your grades despite being seemingly overworked. Just remember not to be distracted and overwhelmed by the stress and do call our writing experts at Prescott Papers to help you with all your academic writing needs.

Working part-time during college could get you employee benefits – Many companies offer employee benefits even to part-time employees who work 24 hours a week. These benefits could be in the form of health insurance, tuition assistance, and 401(k). Thus, if you start working (even part-time), you are accruing retirement savings even before you complete your college!

Tips on finding a part-time job that is suitable for your needs

While there are multiple part-time options available to you, it makes sense to choose something that is aligned to your needs as much as possible. Here are some tips you can use to find a suitable part-time job at college:

  • It is better if you get a job with a fixed schedule. A set schedule will help you manage and plan your classes and other academic related activities better than if you chose a job that does not have fixed schedule.

  • Find a job that pays more than the minimum wage. Making the most money during this time is a prudent decision because you are anyway sacrificing time and effort to work part-time. Moreover, the primary reason for taking up a part-time job is to make money so that you can avoid or reduce financial stress. Waiting tables and tutoring can help you earn more than if you choose to help the librarian in your college.

  • It would be ideal to get a job that is in your field of study. This way, your job experience will be valued more than if you chose something quite different from your field of study.

  • It is extremely important to ensure that you keep aside time for relaxation and for socializing with college friends. Remember this kind of stressful juggling and balancing will have to be done for at least three to four years. And if you do not get sufficient rest and breaks, you are bound to burn out.

  • Make sure you diligently set aside money from your earnings for your tuition and other college-related expenses. If you used up the money you earned to party and do other fun things, then the basic purpose of working part-time while at college is defeated.

Final Notes

Many students believe that working while studying will distract them from the learning. Looking at the above reasons, I am sure that by now you do not necessarily agree with such ideas. However, it is true that working and doing college calls for plenty of determination and willpower so that you can do the best of both.

But, you must remember that life itself is a unending battle and starting this battle earlier will help you gain valuable experience and life skills. At Prescott Papers, our team of qualified and highly experienced writers and editors completely understand and empathize with your situation. We will be very happy to help you with all your academic writing needs. Do not hesitate to call us for custom essays, projects, assignments, assessments, and more.

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