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College Essays Are So Hard

College Essays Are So Hard!

When students come into college as a freshman, after they've been in grade school for the past twelve years, it is jarring to see how much harder the work is. College-level writing is much more involved and harder than the writing they did in high school. Many students say that college essays are so hard due to the amount of work that is needed.

First, let's look at the reasons why students find college essays hard.

  1. Many students are procrastinators, waiting until the last minute to start writing essays. This habit of procrastination is due mostly to the large workload required for all of their classes. Most students take a full load of classes each semester, about 12 -15 credit hours. For each class, students have an average of two and a half hours of homework and studying a day. Students are more stressed because they don't have adequate time to write their essays. Time management helps with this dilemma, but that is a skill that many people don't have when they first get to college.

Students also procrastinate because they have more freedom, especially if they are living away from home. This freedom leads to more distractions, particularly social distractions. College is one of the times in a person's life when it will be easier to meet people and make friends. There are also sporting events and other fun activities that take away from essay writing time.

  1. College essays have much stricter requirements than high school essays. For example, essays need to follow a particular style guide, usually either MLA or APA. Students also need to make sure they incorporate the correct font size and margins. Students need to have an essay that is well-organized and concise. Needing to pay attention to these requirements can make writing an essay seem harder.

  2. It's harder to fool a college professor with poor writing. Professors are stricter in how they grade essays. Under those circumstances, the pressure to write a good essay is high. If a student's essay gets a bad grade, that can significantly affect their GPA. Professors tend to have writing assignments for their classes be a large percentage of a student's grade.

Some students are perfectionists. They want to get excellent grades, especially if they are planning to go on to graduate school. Dealing with professors who are strict graders means they put extra pressure on themselves to have a great essay.

  1. The topics that students are required to write about may not hold any interest for them. Students have to take classes in college to fulfill general curriculum requirements for their particular degree programs. Those classes may contain subject matter that may be uninteresting to certain students. If a student finds it hard to engage with what they are learning about in class, that makes it hard to write essays for those classes.

  2. Students are not prepared for the process of essay writing in college. While high school essays do require a main idea or thesis as it is also called, they can be written out as is without an outline and intriguing introduction and still receive a decent grade. College essays, on the other hand, need to have a thesis that is well-developed logically throughout the essay. To do this well and get a good grade, you need to do an outline of your essay before writing it. Along with that, the introduction needs to be eye-catching.

How can students deal with having a hard time writing college essays? Many universities have writing centers that can provide help with the writing process and in helping the students better their writing. Also, there are many college writing help websites on the Internet.

If you are one of those students who feels that college essays are so hard, Prescott Papers is here to help. Our writers are well-versed in the art of collegiate writing. They can produce essays that are well-written at a college level. The most important thing about the college essays that our writers help write is that there is no plagiarism. Each essay is completely custom and written to your exact specifications.

Why else should you turn to Prescott Papers for your college essay needs?

  1. We only hire writers who are based in the United States and whose primary language is English. That way, the writer who is assigned to your essay is well-versed in U.S. rules regarding grammar, spelling and word usage.

  2. The writer we hire will be an expert in the subject of your essay. For example, if you need an essay for your biology class, we can hire a writer who has a Master's or Ph.D. in biology. After all, what would be the point of having someone who knows nothing about the subject matter help you with the essay.

  3. Through our writing services, you can learn more about the writing process yourself. You can take what our writer has written and use it as a guideline for your writing. This helps you practice college writing, which is essential.

  4. Your use of our services and your communications with us are completely confidential. Plus, payment transactions with us are secure.

Overall, college writing is more difficult than the writing in high school. By getting help from the writing center and utilizing Prescott Papers, students can work on making their writing better.

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