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General Education Classes Are A Waste Of Time And Money

General Education Classes Are a Waste of Time and Money

General education classes are a waste of time and money! It is a commonly voiced angst among college students. Their crib is that there is already so much to do with regard to their major; they do not find the time or the energy for general education classes.

Many students think being forced to waste resources such as time, money, and energy on courses that do not seem to add any value to them is utterly wrong. And they display quite a rebellious attitude against general education classes.

It was a standard thing till sometime ago to finish a bachelor's college degree in 4 years time. Now, however, owing to multiple factors including working while studying, having the option to change majors, and more, the duration of a bachelor's degree extended to 5-6 years. In such a scenario, many students feel general education classes are a waste of time and money.

However, there are many scenarios wherein general education classes can really help you.

Scenario 1

Suppose you have not yet decided on your major. In school, you loved and excelled in geography and history; but, you are not very certain about wanting to commit 4 years to either of these two subjects. You still want more time to decide. General education classes widen your horizon and expose you to plenty of other options ranging from drama to anthropology to geology and more.

This exposure will give you a broader scope of subjects than what you had in high school. You can take general education courses for a year while you mull over the many possibilities for your major. These general education classes might reveal something that you have a passion for but did not know till now that such an option existed.

Scenario 2

You may be great at many subjects and you enjoy learning all of them. You wish to dabble in as many subjects as you can. For example, suppose you love math and wish to major in that subject. Of course, you will focus on math in college. However, you know that you want to learn Physics too and love singing and want to pursue an education in vocal arts too.

General education classes are expressly designed for such students. While you may focus most of your resources on your major, dabbling in others subjects also is what college is all about. You are still growing and learning. And college education gives you that opportunity to pick up as many skills as you can to help you face the challenges in the outside world.

Scenario 3

General education classes make you a well-rounded individual. For instance, if you are majoring in marine biology, having to take journalism under general education classes is not weird and unrelated. Writing skills are a key element in being chosen for jobs and for promotions. As a marine biologist, you could be called to write professional papers and the skills picked up in your journalism class will help you immensely.

Other benefits of taking general education classes

You will be more open-minded and worldly – It is always better to be open-minded and worldly about life to make a success of it than otherwise. If you go to college with such a rigidity of mind that you refuse to take any class other than what is completely and visibly in sync with your major, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

General education classes allow you to peek into other subjects and you never know, you could find a love that you never knew existed. Even when it comes to the corporate world, you keep hearing of successful people switching jobs rather frequently and many times with a completely unrelated jump.

For example, a computer science engineer has suddenly realized he wants to quit this and take up a job as a journalist. Wouldn't his journalism class come to his aid now? A diverse college education will help prepare you better to meet the challenges of the future than a narrow major-focused curriculum.

You don't live on an island – This world is one big community and even if you were the most efficient computer engineer in the entire world, you still need to raise a family, to vote, to mingle and interact with your peers, co-workers, neighbors, bosses, spouses, and more. Your computer science skills will hardly be of help to you.

You need those communication skills, those basic history lessons (to help your child understand her history lesson), those story-telling classes (to help you tell bedtime stories to your beloved children), and other interpersonal skills that were taught to you in your general education classes.

All-round education is a must in a democratic society – When you graduate from college and get a job, marry, and raise a family, you also become part of a democratic setup where politicians will be vying for your votes. Each person will be using his or her persuasive powers to get you to sympathize with them.

A strong foundation based in humanities, arts, and sciences will give you immense discerning powers that will help you understand whose side you want to take. Voting is not just a right, it is your responsibility. And to vote as per your conscience requires you to have the knowledge to comprehend how your government works.

Also, these same discerning powers will help you be wary of unscrupulous marketers and advertisers who have the power to take you for a phony ride with their mere articulation skills. The power to interpret what someone is saying in a sensible and objective manner without getting carried away, the power to balance everything in life, the power to understand that there are no free lunches in the world, and other such life skills get a huge boost by taking general education classes which open your mind to things other than just your profession.

Improves your analyzing skills – When you study arts, sciences, and humanities together, you get trained in a variety of skills all of which enhance your analyzing abilities. From learning science, you learn how to test hypotheses and how to draw valid and sound conclusions based on the results and observations of these experiments.

From art and humanity courses, you learn how to separate the chaff from the wheat in terms of data. You learn to create and develop compelling arguments for or against a particular stand. You learn how to look at the same scenario from different perspectives which help you look at things objectively. You learn the power of attracting, holding, and changing the minds of different people from varied backgrounds.

This powerful combination of structured learning from science and creative-based learning from arts and humanities enhances your analyzing skills considerably making you a strong contender for any kind of task.

Today, trans-disciplinary thinkers are at a huge advantage as many companies prefer a balanced individual who has the ability to manage varied tasks with ease rather than just a domain expert with little or no exposure to things other than his or her core subject. They find such domain-specific learning to be very narrow and incapable of adding any value to their organizations.

The combined learning strategy is aimed at producing a strong and socially robust set of people for the benefit of the society and the world at large. This balanced approach to learning will not only make you a powerful individual but you will also have the capacity to become a public figure and change the way the world works.

Final Notes

So, for the above-mentioned reasons and benefits, I'd suggest you to pull up your socks and take general education classes seriously. Don't brush these courses off casually or get unduly upset that you are being forced to do something that is not relevant for you.

Colleges do not stuff these classes merely to make it difficult for you to clear college. A good institution treats college education as a way to make you a better and strong-willed person ready to take on the challenges that life will throw at you at random.

We, at Prescott Papers, understand and empathize with you during these frustrating times. Do contact us for those assignments, homework, projects, and essays that you don't want to do. Our experts will be happy to help.

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