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I Am Going To Fail A College Class

I Am Going To Fail a College Class

I Am Going to Fail a College Class: this statement creates such dread in the mind of students that there have been cases of suicidal tendencies exhibited during such difficult phases.

When you are presently failing in a college class, things can be very, very unpleasant; but, not all that difficult to turn things around. A failing student tag need not be a permanent one at all, In fact, if you turn around things suitably, the horrible feeling of "failing a college class" will be completely forgotten.

Tips to turn around "I am going to fail a college class" to "Hey, all's fine now"

Seek help – Perhaps you need more help to understand and master the concepts or, perhaps, your professor is not doing a great job in explaining the concept well. Look for other resources to overcome this difficulty. You will find plenty of online material and help from which you can understand better.

A great advantage about online help is that the materials can be viewed and reviewed at your pace and you can adjust the learning speed to match your comprehension. Moreover, many of the online materials available are highly interactive, engaging, and learning from them can be a lot of fun.

Rework your priorities – Are you spending too much time socializing? Are you on social media platforms chatting unnecessarily for too long? Are you distracted by too many friends and parties? Are your extra-curricular activities taking up too much of your energy and time? Change your priorities immediately. Put academics on top of everything else and till you have cleared the difficult class, focus your energies only on this.

Engage with your professor – It could be that he or she could give you easy-to-do hints, tips, and tricks to manage your difficulty better. Even if there are your professors cannot help you with such options, talking to them about problems gives them the satisfaction that you are keenly aware of your bad performance and that you are trying hard to get better.

Perhaps, your professor will direct you to someone who is an expert in that particular area in which you are facing a problem. Engaging with your professors definitely adds a lot of value to your college life. Also, if there are extra optional assignments in the concerned subject take them up and complete them on time. Going that extra mile reflects your seriousness about the class and your professors will surely be appreciative of this attitude.

Take help from classmates – Even if they are not close friends, I am sure there a couple of classmates in very class that you like being with or are friendly. Reach out to them. Close friends are really a boon at this time. When you brainstorm over such matters, you'd be surprised at how many options and solutions that similar-thinking minds come up with.

And if one or more of these classmates are topping the class, they will be more than willing to coach you and help you understand concepts better. Additionally, a great support system in the form of friends is irreplaceable in your life. So, do reach out to your friends!

Have realistic expectations of yourself – If you clearly know that this particular subject is quite difficult for you and failing in it is a certainty, then step back, look at the bigger picture. Look at alternatives including dropping the class to prevent a failed grade from appearing on your transcript. If this class is essential for your future academics, you could think of taking a lower level of the class, getting the basics right, and then move on to higher levels.

Consider the pass/fail option – When a student is failing in a class, many colleges offer them the option of pass/fail. Here, the professor in charge of the subject can take a subjective call to "pass" you. While this option will definitely bring your overall GPA down and the merits of this grade are nowhere near an "A," you will still get to keep the credits.

Examine alternatives available in your college – If the pass/fail option is unavailable in your college, find out what other alternatives are there for you. You might be allowed to drop the subject without it affecting your GPA but you will not get credit. Speak to your academic advisor and find out how the situation can be saved!

Look at your failed paper(s) and understand your mistakes – Painful as it may sound, go through the mistakes in your failed paper(s) with a magnifying glass. You might realize that your concepts are absolutely clear; you are only not articulating your answers correctly. In such cases there is no need for worry; you merely need to focus on answering the paper in the correct method.

Final Notes

Just don't give up. Continue your efforts. We, at Prescott Papers, are there to help you through these difficult times. Our academic help services can come to your aid and help prevent the need to withdraw.

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