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I Don't Want To Do My College Course

I Don't Want To Do My College Course

It would have very easy if you had said, "I don't want to do my college course" within the first week of college. It would have been easy to change courses or subjects. Now, halfway through the course, you realize that you are not keen on doing your course college and you want a way out.

You are so scared that if you do not opt out now, then you will be stuck with this course and related careers for life. The first thing you must remember is not to feel bad or ashamed of this feeling. It is indeed a common thing among students to realize that the course is not up their alley only after sometime.

It is a good thing you came out in the open and did not keep these negative feelings to yourself. Here are some things you can do to get yourself out of this difficult situation:

Things to do if you before you choose to quit your college course

Re-evaluate your options – You may have started to dislike the course based on some aspects of it that weren't what you expected. However, there is no course which takes a one-dimensional direction. There are various options that you can think about using the same course. You could choose to take a small turn such that you can avoid those parts you don't like.

Talking to your professors will help you in this regard. They have been doing this for years and they would be aware of many other options that you can look at before you choose to complete quit the course. Remember that quitting the course will entail part or full loss of fees already paid towards tuitions, food, and accommodation.

Give yourself time to get over the dislike – It is a common thing to feel dislike for a subject for a short while. It is possible that you do not like the particular topic that is being taught presently. Remember this dislike may not last. What you dislike today you could possibly begin to like tomorrow.

Just be patient with yourself and give some time to get over the temporary feeling of dislike for the subject. Moreover, you can speak to your teachers and find out what the future topics that will be taught under this course. This will give you an idea of whether your dislike is really what you feel or just a temporary setback.

You can choose to take a break instead of quitting – Many colleges give you the option of taking a break and rejoining the course later. You would, of course, need to take authorization for this break. Speak to the student counselor and your teachers and see if this option is viable. It is definitely better than quitting altogether. The approved pause will give you some time to rethink your options.

You feel overworked – While many students are excited about joining college, when they actually start their courses, they realize how difficult it is and how much work is needed to be done. There are unending essays and assignments to be completed and submitted and many of them have overlapping deadlines. Therefore, it is quite possible that you feel overworked and cannot take the stress anymore.

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Final Notes

Life at college is tough, but it is the foundation of your future life. If you graduate college with flying colors, you will have a wide range of lucrative job opportunities waiting for you. So, don't hesitate to work hard and give your best at college.

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