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I Hate My College But Can't Transfer

I Hate my College but Can't Transfer

Freshman year in college can be quite difficult what with being away from home, managing a job to make ends meet, making new friends, and settling into a new place; all these aspects can make life miserable if you didn't manage them well.

If you were unable to foresee and manage all the problems of college life, the day will not be far when you will say "I hate my college but can't transfer." The "can't transfer" is easily understandable because transferring schools while possible is avoidable.

While it is possible to transfer colleges, it may not be an entirely prudent option. Moreover, no matter which college you go to, there always will be some things you like and some things you do not like about it. So let us see how you can move from "I hate my college but can't transfer" to "OK, maybe I can manage after."

Tips on how not to hate your college

Join a club – Participating in a group activity or a hobby will reduce dismal feeling. You will meet like-minded people and you will be able to stay away from the usual routine that is driving you mad.

Find out the reasons for your unhappiness - If you find the reason for your unhappiness you will find alternative solutions too. Here are some examples:

  • Is your roommate causing problems? – see if you can change your room or dorm; report the problem to your dorm-in-charge

  • Are you finding any subject(s) difficult and are you scared you will fail the class? – seek help from your professors, classmates, or online help; study harder in that subject; narrow down which part of the subject(s) that is causing the problem and work on that aspect

  • Are you missing home? – Call home regularly and speak to your family; leverage video-calling options and make calls as frequently as you want; go home for the weekend if it is possible; in fact, let your parents know you are unhappy because they will have better solutions than you

  • Are you having girlfriend/boyfriend problem? – This ought to be the least of your worries; just forget and move on; life is much bigger than one person

  • Are you missing your high school friends? – Call them over occasionally and chill out with your old friends; go and meet them in their college, perhaps, they are missing you too

  • Have you made a wrong major choice? – If so, you can easily shift your major course; speak to the academic advisor and do the needful

Accept as many invites as you can – Except those where you suspect use of drugs and alcohol (which you must avoid), accept all other invites to the extent possible. Even if it is the school play and you are not very keen, believe me, it is better to go and have what little fun you can have instead of moping around in your room.

If the invite is personal, then it means there is someone who wants you to be part of his or her life. Definitely, accept these invites. A good friend can do wonders to help lift your sagging spirit. However, another word of caution against going for the "wild" parties; avoid them.

Final Notes

The above reasons are only an indication of where your problems could lie. You can do some more introspection and find a cause that may be unique to you and your situation. Try and find a solution for that.

After all these attempts, if you still find that you hate college, then there are options to transfer. Check out campuses nearby and see if something looks and/or feels good. You can apply for the transfer as per the requirements of both your present college and your potential college and take the transfer if it comes through.

At this juncture, let me tell you that hating your college is a perfectly normal emotion. Don't feel guilty or afraid to accept it. Only if you accept this emotion can you find a solution for your problem. So, feel free to talk to other your friends, family, and others who care for your well-being about it and get help.

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