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I Hate My Life Because Of My College

I Hate My Life Because Of My College

As a high school student, you had a great life filled with good friends, parents close at hand to help you with all your problems, teachers who were kind enough to help you with all your difficulties, and more.

And now you are in a college of your choice and doing a degree in the major of your choice. Its been about 4 weeks since you joined college and you are assailed by the following:

  • Homesickness

  • Feeling of jealousy when you see posts and photos of your friends in other colleges having the time of their lives

  • You have no friends

  • You are simply not fitting in anywhere

You are in your dorm alone (all others have gone out); you are lying on your bed feeling a sense of such loneliness that you find yourself crying unintentionally and you are screaming silently to yourself, "I hate my life because of my college."

What do you do? Before I give you some tips on how to overcome this seeming hatred for your college which is seeping into your entire life, let me assure you that you are not alone!

There are many, many more freshman year students who are assaulted by such intense emotions about their college and because they do not look at the problem in an objective and sensible manner end up making wrong choices and feeling even worse after that.

This article is intended to give you a few tips on how to turn your hatred to at least a sense of tolerance; I can say with certainty that "love" will come sooner than later.

Tips to help you overcome "I Hate My Life Because Of My College"

What you learn in college you will never learn anywhere else – And I don't mean academics at all! I mean the following:

  • Living in a small living space with your dorm-mates and learning to live as happily as you can is a skill that will help you sail through difficult phases of your life.

  • Learning to see positive things even in seemingly depressing surroundings will make all other life problems small in comparison.

  • Your adjustment capabilities will improve significantly

  • The friends that you make in college (at least a few of them) will remain with you for your entire lifetime. In fact, they are the ones you will lean on during your most difficult times.

Do not let temporary feelings of hatred compel you to make wrong choices. Be patient with yourself, with your new professors, with your new friends, with your new college; there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

Seek help – Do not ignore any kind of mental pain that you are feeling. Seek help immediately. Do not put it off and say, "let me see how I feel tomorrow and then I will go to the counselor." Go now! Save the contacts of the following people so that you can reach them anytime:

  • Parents and siblings

  • Grandparents

  • Student counselor in your college

  • Friends from high school

  • Professors that you can rely on

Do not hesitate to ask for help. Taking help is not a sign of weakness; it takes a lot of strength and courage to accept that there is a problem and you need help solving it. This is the most difficult step; once you accept the problem, the solutions that emerge are endless.

Keep yourself as busy as you can – Feelings of depression and hatred and anger and resentment will come only if you are too idle for your own good. Keep yourself as busy as you can.

  • Register for classes early; don't wait too long; you might miss out on the good ones

  • Attend all classes

  • Revise things done in every class you have attended

  • Redo the notes taken down in class

  • Do every assignment and project assigned to you and more if you can

  • Join a club (not necessarily academic oriented)

  • Eat nutritious food

  • Exercise well

  • Go out on trekking and hiking trips (nothing like the wind on you face and the resultant endorphins in your body to revive your spirits)

  • Attend fun parties; avoid those with alcohol and drugs

If you do the above diligently and unfailingly, believe me, you will be tired enough to fall asleep by 10 PM every day to get a good night's rest. You will wake up refreshed and feel ready to take on the challenges of the next day. Where is the time to feel morose or sad?

Don't overwork yourself – the above point is limited to "how much YOU can do." Don't overdo it. Just learn to balance your work, study, and fun times so that you don't feel so enervated at the end of the day that you can't sleep. Moreover, you must remember that they are some unavoidable chores that will need to be added like doing your laundry, keeping your area in the dorm clean, bathing, etc. So, make sure not to overwork yourself; however, don't be lazy too. Find that perfect balance which will keep your mind and body healthily busy.

Engage with your professors – They are not aliens and they love it when their students show interest. Talk to them; ask them questions; tell them your problems; reach out to them even after office hours. Professors are very appreciative of students who engage with them. When you find a friend in your professor(s), then there will never be a need to hate your college.

Final Notes

Remember, everyone takes time to adjust to new surroundings and changes in their lives. Come to college with an open mind and the willingness to work hard to overcome obstacles. Problems in college are the precursors to much bigger ones in your life after you finish.

Be bold and courageous and face your challenges head on! The problems will whimper and disappear when they encounter your fearlessness!

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