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Is It Bad To Hate College?

Is it bad to hate college?

Is it bad to hate college? No, of course not! It is not bad at all to go through a feeling of hatred for your college. Despite the commonly floated idea that college is the best time of your life, college is simply great, college is one big celebration, and more such reasons, for many students college isn't all that great especially during the settling period.

You are not alone! There are many students out there who don't like college (at least initially and till they settle down) and you don't have to feel guilt and ask yourself, "Is it bad to hate college?"

There are many reasons why college can be a dreaded place for students and here are a few reasons for not liking your college.

Why do students hate college?

  • It isn't the place that was imagined

  • Classes are not all that fun

  • Professors are so distant

  • Your expectations have not been met

  • You thought that life will be one big party, but, there is too much of work to do

It is important for you to know and realize that neither the feeling of hatred nor the reasons being the hatred is wrong. Sometimes, you realize (maybe a bit later) that the college is simply not a good fit for you.

Once you have realized you do not like college and analyze the reasons for them, you'd come up with many ways by which you can overcome your present distaste. So what can you do if you hate your college? Figure out why you hate college and then come up with solutions for each of them.

Reasons for not liking your college along with tips on how to overcome the dislike

College education is currently quite unpopular – Many students I have spoken to feel that college education is very expensive and is out of reach of many people. Hence, they prefer taking on jobs instead of taking on student loans for a degree that they see no value.

How to overcome this feeling – while you cannot control what others are feeling and thinking about college education, look around at all the successful people and see how beneficial college education has been to them. The jobs that do not call for a college degree are really low-paying ones that have little or no potential for growth.

These few difficult years of college will be the strongest foundation on which to build your entire life. Yes, costs are rising; but so are pay packets. Student loans will not be a problem at all once you get a good-paying job. Don't get swayed by mass hysteria. Focus and complete your college education with flying colors.

You were a kickass student in your high school and in college you are nobody – In high school, you were the star and everyone looked up to you. Now, when you joined college, you realized there are many more talented people than you had imagined and you seem lost in the crowd. You feel like a NOBODY!

How to overcome this feeling – Hey, if you have got admission to this college where you see so many more talented people than you imagined, then aren't you equally talented? Yes, you are bound to lose the "stardom" you enjoyed in school for a little while. But, if you worked hard on your talent and proved your worth in college, you will get back that stardom or at least learn to share it with other talented people. Don't let temporary setbacks make you hate your college.

Food served in the cafeteria is horrible – Don't laugh at this! Silly though it may sound, food is a major cause for homesickness which, in turn, makes you hate college. When you eat food that you don't like, you are reminded of the delicious cakes and cookies your mom baked for you! And a sense of desolation sets in!

How to overcome this feeling – The most practical way to overcome this is to learn cooking and cook your own food. When you go home on your next break, ensure you spend some time with your mom and pick up a few basic cooking skills and learn some simple recipes. And on days when you find cafeteria food hateful, make your own food. Or go out to eat with friends.

Difficult classes and low grades – These two factors usually come together. You find classes are very difficult; you are unable to comprehend what your lecturers are saying; there is utter confusion in your mind; this effectively lowers your grades.

How to overcome this feeling - At the outset, let me assure you that low grades don't necessarily mean you are a bad student. It only means you need to focus and study harder and smarter. Firstly, throw out that sense of despair and needless fear about any subjects. At the college level, no subject is rocket science.

There have been millions before you and there will be millions after you who complete the course. If they can so can you! Sit down; make a list of the problems; alongside each problem write the different solutions available to you; take action on your solutions.

Talk to people you trust; engage in group studies with your friends; you will see that with a little bit of effort, no class will be so difficult that you get frightened and your grades will automatically improve

Final Notes

So, while it is not bad to hate college, it is rather imprudent not to do something about it! Look out for friends who have the same feelings; sit together and brainstorm on your problems; reach out to trusted seniors in college and at home; do not mop around and sit dejectedly in your dorm.

Get up and find solutions. There are plenty available. You simply need to stand up and reach out!

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