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This Essay Is Killing Me

This Essay Is Killing Me!

How many have you been plagued by the intense and exasperating feeling that "this essay is killing me!" College life is replete with essays and projects and assignments with multiple deadlines hanging over you like the sword of Damocles. There are times you wish you could simply call it quits, aren't there?

At the outset, let me assure you that college need not be such an exasperating place. With a bit of planning, and of course, some amount of hard work, you will be able to do well. Many things in the world have already been studied in great detail by people before us and they have been kind enough to leave behind instructions for the future generation.

While we are studying and discovering new things and creating structures and guides to help our future generation, you can delve deep and take help from what our ancestors have left for us. And how to write an essay is very easy and consists of steps that can be learnt by one and all.

By practicing the tips given in this essay, I am sure it will not be long before you help someone less when he or she exclaims, "This essay is killing me!"

Tips on how to write an essay

Pick a topic – If you have already been allotted a topic, then this step is redundant for you. However, if you have to choose a topic, then the first step involves picking the correct subject for your essay. Decide whether your essay will be persuasive or informative.

If your essay is going to be a persuasive one, then choose a topic that you are passionate about. If your essay is going to be an informative one, then choose one about which you already know a lot. This makes writing your essay easy.

Choose a topic that is both relevant to the times and is interesting to you. This enhances the joy of the writing process and the value of the resultant essay paper.

Prepare an outline or a mindmap of your ideas – It is important to organize your thoughts before starting to write your essay. The best way to do this is to make points of the thoughts that are running through your head. This will help to connect and link the various points with which you will be able to arrive at a good outline.

Write the body of your essay – This is the most difficult part; hence using the outline, start writing the body of your essay. You may not get all the paragraphs at one shot, but with a bit of juggling around you will find a common thread running through your mind which will reflect on paper.

Many times, you would simply need to write the paragraphs and as your emotion mingles with your words, your true feelings will find their way into your essay and the body will slowly take shape. Sooner than later, you will find your thesis statement or introduction.

Write your introduction – Once you have organized and completed your body, the introduction is a very simple process. You would just need to state your thesis statement which will be an outcome of what you have written in your body. The thesis statement should ideally have two parts; one part states the topic that is being discussed in your essay and the second part should state what your essay is hoping to achieve.

For example, if your topic was about George Washington and his contributions to the United States, a good thesis statement would read as follows: George Washington belonged to the elite group of men who were the founding fathers of our nation. While he is more famous for being the first president of the United States, not many students are aware that many of his ideas and thoughts helped in the building and establishing of our nation.

Since you wrote the body first, you would already enumerated his ideas and thoughts and how they affected the way our country was impacted by them.

Write the conclusion – This is another easy part. You have already stated the thesis statement, you have completed the body of the essay; now, all you need to do is tie the whole essay together with your concluding statements. Your conclusion could simply review all the points in your essay and reiterate what was said in the introduction. The concluding paragraph is like a reinforcement of your thesis statement and/or introduction.

Read through the entire essay and add some finishing touches – Do not underestimate the importance of this step. It is imperative you read the whole essay once and correct all grammatical and spelling errors. At this point, you could get an idea to rearrange your body to better align it with the introduction and conclusion.

Make sure you check the paragraphs and ensure that there is a seamless flow of data as you move from paragraph to paragraph. In the above example of George Washington's contributions, it might make sense to arrange the paragraphs chronologically so that the entire essay appears cohesive and wholesome and not disjointed and disparate. Pay attention to every small detail in your essay.

If your essay does not have a chronological order to follow, then it makes sense to place the paragraphs with the strongest point above and following them with paragraphs of less important points. This way, the flow appears in a uniform order making your essay appear seamless.

Make sure the format of your essay matches the requirement of your assessing teacher and/or lecturer. If instructions on the format to be used have been given, make sure you have followed them to the T.

Final Notes

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If you follow the above tips diligently for all your essays, slowly with patience and time, writing an essay will cease to be a chore and will become an activity of fun and enjoyment. Your "This essay is killing me!" statement will recede to the background and your assignments will all be returned with an A+.

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