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What To Do About Hating College

What to Do About Hating College

Before answering the question "What to do about hating college," you need to first understand why you hate college so much.

  • Is it a pain to get up early for class day in and day out?

  • Are you finding the lectures boring?

  • Are your poor grades making you feel despondent?

  • Is your relationship with your teachers not good?

  • Would you rather be doing something else?

I believe I have not even touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reasons for students hating college. There are many reasons as to why students hate college and this article is aimed at addressing some of the reasons in a little more detail.

Reasons for hating college and what to do about hating college

Some students feel they are forced into college – Faced with fewer alternatives, many students feel that they feel forced into college. Hence, while they do most of the things needed including attending classes and taking tests like an automaton, their heart is not in the work.

What to do about this - For this, I would like to say that if you have been smart enough to get admission into a college, then you are smart enough to do a lot of things in the world. And a college degree has immense value in the outside world. So, stop wallowing in self-pity, pull up your socks and get right into the heart of your college! You will soon begin to love your college.

Some students feel a sense of being out of place in college – If you come to a really urban college from a rural background or you get admission to a college situated in the middle nowhere and you have lived in the heart of New York till then, you are going to feel a little out of place.

What to do about this – Just be patient. Our human mind is so powerfully flexible that given a little bit of time, it can adjust to any environment. So, if you have had a rural background and you find yourself in a college in the heart of a bustling cosmopolitan, take the challenge head on. Don't be shy to accept you rural upbringing. Feel free to share experiences from that rich heritage and you could well be helping the urbanites to understand the joys that nature can give them

Likewise, if you have been in the middle of a cosmopolitan and now find yourself fumbling in the middle of nowhere, just relax. Aren't there other people studying in the college? Can't you find something fun (maybe different from what you did in you bustling city, yet definitely fun) to do with them? There's nothing like being far away from a city to enjoy what nature has to offer you.

Some students feel that most of the courses that they are doing in available online - Many students I have met with are of the opinion that most of the expensive courses that colleges offer are available in some form or the other via online courses which are either free or sometimes come at a negligible cost. So, why should they attend college and pay exorbitant fees?

What to do about this – No online course including the ones offered by the best universities in the country can ever equal a degree earned from attending college. Yes, online courses are good for those people who have no option but to work or for those who are looking at honing a particular skill. But, for a basic degree education, an online course is not enough. In fact, many employers look askance at those who come with a certificate of online course.

Some students are indecisive about their scholarly needs – There are some students who come to college and have no clue about which subject they want as their major and which as minors. This sense of indecisiveness can be quite daunting, overwhelming, and crippling. And a sense of fear sets in which turns to hate

What to do about this – If you have not reached a decision within the first week of college, then please seek help from your academic advisor. She will be able to guide you; maybe let you take an aptitude test to help you make a better choice, she will give you options that you didn't know about, and more. But don't allow this indecisiveness to fester in your mind.

High expectations of college dashed to the ground – When you were in high school, your seniors and elders at home would have raved about their college life. Based on this, you would have most probably built castles in the air. Now, when you are actually in college, those air castles have been blown away by terrifying winds of hard work, long hours, and homesickness.

What to do about this – Relook at your expectations. What did you expect to find here? Rave parties? No studies at all? Did you think college will be only fun and play? Revisit what your seniors and elders mentioned. Didn't they say anything about hard work? If they didn't, isn't it natural for hard work to be part of college education wherein you need to cram so much of data in just 4 years so that you come out talking like an expert?

When you deliberate on your expectations and make them more realistic, you will find that there can be a lot of fun in college too despite the hard work. Then, perhaps, you will not hate college so much!

Some students think that college education will not be needed in the future – With so much of automation and everything being done by machines, some students have come to believe that college education will become redundant and the future of college education itself is uncertain!

What to do about this – If you look back at history, at every stage of development, man thought that he has reached the peak of his knowledge and there is little more for him to know. And he has been proved wrong every time. New innovations continue to be made; these innovations and their principles are continuously updated in college curriculum so that you understand the origin and progress of knowledge.

Knowledge has never become redundant. And college education is the basis of knowledge. It will never go out of fashion. Yes, the methods, the formats, etc may undergo changes; but man will never cease to learn! So put that needless thought out and get on with your college.

Final Notes

I hope I have been able to give at least a few reasonable answers for your question, "What to do about hating college?" I request you to try and implement some of my ideas and see if they are helping you in overcoming these negative feelings for your college.

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