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Why Are General Education Courses Required In College?

Why Are General Education Courses Required In College?

More often than not students are complaining about the general education courses that all colleges insist on for a successful completion of a college degree. Their questions and statements range from "general education courses are a waste of time and money," to "why should I be forced to do classes that have no direct direction to my major?" to "Why Are General Education Courses Required In College?"

This article hopes to provide some answers for you.

Why Are General Education Courses Required In College?

General education courses give you great all-round experience – General education courses assure potential employers are colleges are not just academically oriented but they endeavor to produce employees with all-around experience in different fields. The employers will be able to see that their potential employees (irrespective of their major) can do all the following tasks with little or no difficulty:

  • Calculate numbers correctly and accurately

  • Communicate well both in the oral and the written forms

  • Can work in varying environments with ease

  • Can be flexible enough to work even out of their comfort zones

  • Ready to take challenges of all kinds

Of course, some classes are bound to be difficult for you. But that is the point of general education classes; to exhort you to think outside of your comfort zone, widen your horizons, and exercise your minds in different ways and methods.

General education courses give you new ideas – If you are stuck with only thoughts of your major subject, your mind becomes too inflexible to new ideas. With general education courses, you have exposure to innovative ideas that till then you did not even know they were possible.

For instance, as a computer science major, if you had to do a linguistic class (and yes, you may think it is totally disconnected with your subject), your mind will be opened to new and creative vistas. The lessons in the grammar structure in your linguistic class could, perhaps, help you create new programs and codes.

Even if you do not feel the benefits of general education classes immediately, they will definitely help you become a better individual with a treasure trove of new experiences and ideas to delve into for the various needs of your future life both in the personal and professional fronts.

General education classes are great hubs for networking – While the classes of your major subjects will help you network with people of the same kind, you will have access to a wide group of people in your general education classes. It is quite possible that you may become great friends with a future CEO, with a future athlete, or a famous singer, or anyone else.

It is a great place to build your networking base which will of immense help to you in the future. Talking and getting in touch with more and more people makes your contact base strong and wide and you could take their help in the future to build a business, to get a job, or for anything useful.

Professors of your general education classes are also people you must engage with. They could be highly resourceful people and quite willing to help you with anything. Good professors are like the queen bees. Old students (who are now well-settled) keep coming back to them for advice and suggestions. If professors like and appreciate your attitude, they would just need to put in a word for you and you could land a great job even before you finish college.

You could find your life partner in general education classes – Yes, this is a high possibility. I am sure you already know how difficult it is to find true love. Like networking, you never know who you will meet in your general education classes and your love interest could be one of them. Haven't you seen couples who don't share the same interest professionally and yet have a great marriage? It is quite likely that they met each other in a general education class!

You could discover a new passion or a new major – You ask people who are successful in their field as to when did they discover the passion for what they were doing. A decent number of these respondents will say, "In my general education class." There are many examples of people who have chosen to change their major when they found their true calling in one of their general education classes. You could be one of them too.

You could rediscover yourself in general education classes – You could go to college with the intention of doing your major in mathematics because you loved the subject in school. The love may continue in college; yet, when you widen your horizons with general education classes, you could find talents within yourself that were lying dormant waiting for the right stimuli to wake up.

Your piano classes which are part of your general education course can make you realize your love for music. While you continue your love affair with math, the love for music and the various options available to you under music could drive you to change your major.

General education classes enhance your creativity – Today's job markets have a high demand for creative thinking people. This is because people who think creatively and outside the box come up with new and innovative ways to improvise existing processes. They are able to offer new perspectives about the company and the job and find ways to enhance productivity and/or reduce losses and wasteful processes.

And when you dabble in many subjects and classes and push the limits of your thinking abilities. The general education classes are designed for this express purpose.

General education classes give you a good idea of a broad base of subjects – With access to a wide variety of subjects, colleges ensure that history majors do not leave without at least a good understanding of basic math skills and math students will have a basic understanding of how and why history was written down.

As a math student, you may never have taken English or a jazz music course. But with general education classes, you will have an opportunity to take these courses and it is possible that you actually find a passion in it. And as you will be interacting with people from other backgrounds in these classes, your mind will broaden and you will learn about different viewpoints and perspectives thus enhancing your own knowledge.

Final notes

Most reputed colleges have a vast catalog of subjects to choose from. And there will be a variety of options to choose from for general education classes too. So, take your time; go through the options available; see which of them are most suitably aligned to your major course; seek and take help from seniors and professors and make an informed choice.

The concept of general education is, unfortunately, drawing a lot of flak from students. Their complaints are primarily focused on the fact these classes add no value to their careers or lives. I hope this article has helped you understand that there are some lessons whose benefit you will get only in the long run.

Patience, endeavor, and commitment are key elements to make a success of your college. Do not hesitate to learn whatever you can. No matter how irrelevant you think the subject is, nobody can take away the benefit of the learning process. And believe me, knowledge always finds a way to become useful to you at some point in time in your life.

Don't be afraid nor complain too much about education classes. Instead, embrace them and you will be surprised by what you find.

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