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Why Is College So Boring?

Why Is College So Boring?

You would have probably been waiting to come to college what with seniors all around you raving about the fun times in store in that beautiful place. You would have probably visualized a great social life filled with friends, partying, and great relationships to boot.

You come to college, settle down with your academics waiting for the fun to start. And, there is nothing happening in that aspect. You are attending classes, completing assignments and projects, and doing homework, that's it! Where is the fun that you had been led to believe is the core of any college life?

Why is college so boring? Or is it only for me? Such questions raise their heads in your mind and getting no answers enhances both your boredom and frustration.

Reasons for feeling bored in college

  • The college focuses on academics only

  • Your professors are distant and their teaching methodologies are uninteresting

  • Your learning curve could ahead of that of the rest of the class

  • There is absolute no one interesting in your life

I have noticed that more often than not, boredom sets in during class. Once the class is over, then usually this feeling of boredom does go away. So this article is dedicated to giving you ideas of how to overcome boredom in class.

There are many ways to come out of this sense of boredom and I would broadly classify them into three categories:

  • Find ways to distract yourself in a boring class

  • Find ways to multitask

  • Find ways to enhance your focusing capability

How to distract yourself in a boring class

This part is for those students who are ahead of the class in terms of understanding the concepts being taught in class. If you are finding the class already difficult, then don't do these techniques. Please focus on your class.

Visualize a fun activity - Visualize yourself watching a great movie with your friends; see yourself having fun at a party to be hosted in the weekend; plan something with friends. Boring classes can stretch time torturously. And to overcome this kind of boredom, plan the fun activities here.

However, remember not to distract anyone else and also your distraction should be in your mind only. While you can use mobiles (if are allowed) to text messages to friends and family, remember that discretion is definitely a better part of valor and, boredom, in this case!

Bring games to class – Ensure these games are non-disruptive like the Rubik's cube, or a small puzzle, or a Sudoku, or a crossword etc. This helps you build other skills too and helps you overcome boredom in the class.

Listen to music – See if you can run a small ear bud through your sleeve and try to listen to your favorite music. This will help you concentrate on the class if you wish and if you don't want to listen to what you lecturer is talking, then you can find a safe way of distracting yourself.

Find ways to multitask

Draw or Doodle while you are taking notes – It is fun too and your mind is constructively occupied enough not to be affected by boredom.

See if you can complete homework/assignment of another class – This method is a wonderful way of overcoming ennui. You will have completed an important assignment, and come across as diligently making notes too!

Associate the course material with a joke - Associating your course material with something funny is an excellent way to pass the time quickly and also to understand concepts better. Recalling these concepts will also become easy as we rarely forget the fun things in our lives. You could write a little joke next to each paragraph of the course material.

Find ways to enhance your focusing ability in class

Compel yourself to participate in class activities and discussions – Don't think this will work against you. More often than not, forcing yourself to participate in class will make you realize that the class is actually not very boring and is quite fun and engaging.

Don't be afraid to be wrong during a discussion. After all, making mistakes in our understanding is a way of learning. I can assure you that no teacher will ever be angry of your thoughts are wrong. She will happily correct you and praise you if your thought was original too.

Link subjects to your interests – A lot of things in school are interconnected. For instance, if you love video games, then connect your math and science to this love because video games are totally founded on these two subjects; if you love sports, then physics is an essential part of sports, link the two. This way, your learning process about seemingly boring subjects will take on a purpose and you will begin to enjoy it.

Engage with your teachers – Teachers are your pillars of strength. Don't hesitate to go to them for any problem including not understanding the subject. In fact, if you have built a good rapport with teachers, many of them will empathize with your sense of boredom and they will help you overcome it by giving you interesting tidbits and fun ways to keep boredom out.

Approach them to ask for more assignments; talk to them about completing an assignment in a unique way; ask for more reading material; these interactions will get you closer to your teachers and make the relationship less formal and more fun.

Make the process of study easy – Take notes diligently in class. Organize them when you get back to the dorm in the evening. Take it upon yourself to teach these concepts to classmate(s) who are having problems understanding. This has two benefits; it will reinforce your comprehension excellently and you will gain the goodwill of your friends.

Constantly challenge yourself. Rewrite the notes in your own words. Draw a picture that you can associate with alongside each paragraph; this will help you remember and recall the data better. Also, the boring task of note-taking will be made more interesting.

Be prepared for class – Classes are always scheduled ahead of time and so you will know what is going to be taught in your next class. Read up a little bit so that you know what to expect. Then, the lecture will be more interesting and you will enjoy it better.

Parting Shot

I would like to end by saying that boredom, like happiness, is a state of mind. You can choose to be bored or you can choose to be interested. Think well and then choose wisely.

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