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Why Is Community College So Boring?

Why Is Community College So Boring?

Why Is Community College So Boring? This question rings through the heads of many community college goers and they feel "lesser" than those who attend private colleges.

Most high school students dread the idea of having to attend a community college and instead, dream of going to a grand private college of their choice where fraternity parties and fun will play a huge part in their lives.

However, when the college actually comes and students do end up going to community college, they are already biased against it; they begin to hate it; they resent the fact they've got stuck here, and they find it boring from the start itself. And hence the lingering question, "Why is community college so boring?"

This article gives you some deep reasons as to why community colleges are great places to get an education and it need not be a boring time at all.

Reasons why community colleges are great

They are cheaper than private colleges – It is true that college education, whether private or community-run, are an expensive deal. Yet, community colleges are definitely cheaper than private colleges especially the tuition fees. The first two years of college is, anyway, dedicated to general education classes which do not have a direct connection to your major which starts in the third year.

So, it makes sense to go to a community college for the first two years and save some money which you could use for doing your major in the third and fourth years.

You will not have to bear a huge student loan – By going to the local community college, you will be debt-free and will not have the unpleasant burden of a student loan on your head before time. This will free up your mind and body to just work hard at college and get your credits in peace.

The money or credit thus saved could be used for buying your home or car when you graduate and have a job in hand.

More flexibility than private colleges – Community colleges give you ample flexibility in terms of having evening and night slots for your classes. Hence, you are free during the day to go for full-time work. Also, as most community colleges allow you to make you college payment in regular installments (usually monthly payments), you have the advantage of paying as you go.

You will, hence, be completely free of any debt (which you would have had to take to pay the entire college fees upfront in any private college) when you finish your stint at the community college. In fact, if you are financially prudent and work hard, you could end up earning more than your tuition fees and it is possible that you even can save some money for future expenses.

You will still be living in your home – Yes, dorm life initially is cool and then over time, when the novelty of staying away from home wears off, the attack of homesickness can be difficult to put up with. And the added expense of dorm life can intensify this difficulty and the feeling of homesickness. Awkward and tough scenes resulting from difficult roommates can make your situation worse.

By choosing to attend community college, you can stay at home for a couple more years; enjoy the happiness of living with loved ones, and save some money too. Food will be free, laundry will be free, and ample love and affection will also be freely available. Additionally, if you have started working and you do have some extra money, you could actually think of helping your parents out if they are in need. You will make them proud of you!

You can try other different courses while doing college – With the money that you save by choosing to attend a community college, you can do other courses outside that have the potential to get you a great job. There are many short-term job-oriented certificate courses managed and run by approved private institutions that you can attend

You get time to think about which subject you want to major in – In most private colleges, you would have to give your option for the major almost immediately. With community college, you will get an additional two year time to thoroughly understand what you want to do and then make an informed choice. And the fact that you are spending far less money on tuition will reduce the stress of studying helping you think objectively and without the feeling of pressure.

Undue fears of non-transferability of credits – There are some students who worry that credits from their community college cannot be transferred to the state college to help them finish and earn their 4-year college degree. You can rest assured that plenty of community colleges are connected to the state universities and private institutions.

This ensures that you can easily transfer your credits to the college you get admission to and finish your college degree without much ado. There are many cases wherein students from community colleges find acceptance in multiple reputed institutions after they finish.

You must, however, make sure you plan early and complete all requirements of the university. Work closely with the academic advisor of your community college from the beginning itself. Don't put off this important task for the end and then feel disappointed that you didn't get the college and course of your choice.

Parting shot

So, instead of looking at your community college with disdain and a sense of boredom, find the good things that this article discusses and move on. To reiterate to you, the advantages of studying in a community college include the following:

  • You don't go into large debts as the tuition fees are significantly cheaper than those charged by other colleges

  • You get to live at home for some more time; you save money on dorm fees, cafeteria fees, laundry costs, and more

  • You get the opportunity to work full-time without undue stress and get more time to choose your major

  • Because of the lack of hyped-up fraternity parties and excessive socializing, you are compelled to focus on your studies

  • You become far more mature in the two-year duration in the community college owing to the fact with a full-time job, you are perhaps contributing to your parents' financial needs

So, don't fret and worry about boredom in community colleges; get down to brass stacks and work hard so that you have the option of completing your college degree without the burden of debt.

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