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Components Of A Good Essay

Components of a Good Essay

A good essay writer follows these processes to write a commendable essay:

  • Analyzes the question before starting to write

  • Writes an introduction which includes a thesis statement or an argument that he or she supports

  • Writes the body of the essay by giving supporting claims and evidence

  • Comments of potential counter-arguments which is also included in the body of the essay

  • Concludes the essay by summarizing his or her ideas and tying everything up neatly through a concluding paragraph

Now, let me give you an idea of what the basic components of a good essay should be.

Components of a Good Essay

Every good essay must have the following components or elements:

Introduction and the thesis statement – There has to be an introductory paragraph preferably started with an anecdote or a quote or something interest related to the topic. The introductory paragraph should contain a thesis statement which is NOT to be confused with the topic of the essay.

The thesis statement should be what you intend to highlight in the body of the essay; what you think is important. This thesis statement could be a differing view of the topic or a unique proposition of the topic that otherwise appears obscure or ambiguous.

The thesis statement should promise to answer a problematic question raised by the essay topic. The writer should be able to reveal obscure or hidden ideas about the topic.

Persuasive Evidence – A good essay will support the thesis statement with evidence and credible data that reflects the truth in the thesis statement. While the evidence given could be new, many essay writers also relook at older data and present it in a way as to persuade the reader that his or her thesis statement is correct.

An academic essay will also have to include evidence or data that can answer potential counter-arguments rising in the minds of the reader. It is imperative that essay writers point out to the source of his or her argument and give due credit.

Analysis and Reflection - Writers should analyze critical details in the supporting evidence and present those facts that seem to be obscure or unclear to the reader. His or her reflective abilities should persuasively turn the minds of the readers towards what he wishes to argue about using the evidence such that the reader is left with little or no doubt about the veracity of the thesis statement.

Let me give you an analysis of a sentence. Suppose a sentence in the content (based on which the essay is being written) reads like this: The man stalked the lady till she was so scared that she refused to venture out alone at night. The word "stalked" in this sentence makes the man out to an anti-social individual. You are analyzing the word "stalked" and arriving at a suggested meaning.

Now, let's look at the reflection aspect. Supposing the man was described as a gentle soul earlier in the content, you would reflect on this and bring out a contrast and say this in your essay: The man's description of being a gentle soul seems to be incongruent to his stalking mentality.

Structure – College essays have to be usually structured in such a way that each paragraph ideally reflects one point in support of the thesis statement. The concluding paragraph is structured to be written to summarize the whole essay up neatly and to reinforce the thesis statement so that the reader is sufficiently persuaded to agree with the writer's perspective.

Final Notes

While the format of an essay is easy to understand, the following intangible aspects of an essay decides whether it is a good essay or not:

Focus – It is important not to scatter your ideas all over. The essay should be focused on one topic that is clearly summated through the thesis statement

Development – The essay should be developed clearly through the use of unequivocal evidence that clearly supports your thesis.

Target the audience – A good essay is one that is written to target a particular audience or reader. Hence, the writer should be aware of who the target audience is and should set his or her tone to match the expectations of the reader in the targeted audience segment.

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