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Essay Writing Books

Essay Writing Books

Reading is the first step to writing. The more you read the better your writing will become. So, if you wish to improve your essay writing skills, then it makes sense to include a lot of essay writing books in your reading repertoire.

Allow me to list some benefits of reading before I give a small list of the top essay writing books.

Benefits of reading

While reading can help you learn from the content of the book, there are many other benefits of reading including improving your writing skills and vocabulary. Let's look at a few benefits.

Improves concentration and focus – Focusing on the content, understanding what the author is trying to tell you through words, and creating images in your mind, etc are great ways to improve your concentration skills. When you are reading, invariably, your mind is deeply focused on the task and this helps in improving focusing and mind control skills.

Stronger Analytical Skills – As you get better with reading, you will notice that your mind is automatically analyzing what is being written. Questions and doubts begin to creep into your mind as you read and quite often, you would end some parts of the content more than once to get answers for these questions.

For those that remain unanswered, you begin to hunt in other books and content. When you discuss the book or novel with others, you will be able to argue in favor your perspective based on your analysis. Thus, reading makes your analytical skills stronger than before.

Better Writing Skills and Improved Vocabulary – The more you read the more exposure you get to different writing styles which you can implement into your own writing. Moreover, you will learn new words each day and this will improve your vocabulary significantly. A good vocabulary helps you articulate better and the persuasiveness of your content improves too.

Reading helps you get more knowledge – This is a no-brainer. Reading improves your knowledge levels immensely as you keep adding new and updated information into your system.

Reading improves brain power and memory function – Reading not only helps you gain knowledge but also improves your brain power and memory function. Reading gives your brain a great workout session. Memory begins to decline with age and keeping it active is critical to improving memory power.

Reading is a great and fun way to keep your memory and brain active. Reading is to the mind what jogging is to the physical body. Reading stimulates your brain just like how running or jogging will stimulate your muscles.

Reading helps you de-stress and relax – Whenever you feel stressed out or overwhelmed with work, a 15-minute reading session can help rejuvenate your mental system. In fact, reading just before going to sleep is like signaling to your body systems that you are ready to call it a day and your body and mind relaxes into a fitful sleep even while you are reading.

Reading makes you more imaginative – The vivid descriptions in a well-written book can make your imagination soar. As you read the words, you are creating images of buildings, of people crying and laughing, of landscapes, of war scenes, of the colors in the environment, and more. Your imaginative powers take a big leap forward as you read more and convert words into images in your head.

Essay writing books for you

Writing Essays for Dummies by Mary Page and Cary Winstanley – This is an extremely easy-to-follow essay writing guide book that will help you write great university essays. Whenever you are baffled and feel stuck at any point during the essay-writing process, you can refer to the relevant section of this book for help. The book deals with structuring, planning, researching, time management, and other aspects of essay writing. With help from this book, you are bound to produce a well-crafted essay that will make your professors happy.

How to Write Essays: A Step-by-Step Guide for all Levels by Don Shiach – This book contain practical and implementable tips on writing essays at every stage of school and college so that your grades improve. The tips include how to write great timed essays and what aspects to look at closely so that your professor will be pleased to give you great grades. As the name suggests, it is a step-by-step guide taking you from the opening introduction right up to the concluding paragraph is detail. This book includes sample essays and some chapters on spelling, grammar, and accuracy.

How to Write Better Essays by Bryan Greetham – This book gives you a detailed explanation of all aspects of essay writing and can be a great companion throughout your college life. The author has given tips to improve your reading skills, note-taking skills, and analyzing skills which will help you create better essays. This book also includes a troubleshooting section which deals with problems that are commonly faced by students while writing essays.

The Basics of Essay Writing by Nigel Warburton – This book contains all the necessary advice and guidance with the help of which you can improve your essay writing skills dramatically. This book gives a detailed explanation of every point that can be altered to change the way you write your essays for the better. Better essays translate to improved grades. Hence it makes sense to buy a copy of this book.

Good Essay Writing: A Social Sciences Guide by Peter Redman and Wendy Maples – Specifically written for students of social sciences, this book gives you a complete insight into proven methods and techniques to make you a much better essay writer than you are now. The authors have ensured that students from all universities will find this book very useful and they have also included a small section at the end of every chapter, especially for Open University students.

Schaum's quick guide to writing great essays by Molly McClain – This is a convenient quick reference guide for students at all levels. It includes dos and don'ts to get excellent essays and details some great strategies to master the skill of essay writing.

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing by Michael Harvey – This book contains a lot of tips on writing college essays and includes detailed instructions on how to do online research, on how to use citations and quotations, and more. It also has chapters on grammar and punctuation. It is definitely a great buy as it can be used for your entire college term.

Crafting the Personal Essay: A guide for writing and publishing creative non-fiction by Dinty W. Moore – The importance of essay writing cannot be undervalued while at college. However, essay writing skills can be immensely useful even while working in a corporate environment. This book covers the basics of writing an essay. It also tells you how to step back from your writing process and discern powerful writing from the mediocre so that the reader gets a fascinating essay.

How to Write Great Essays by Lauren B. Starkey – With detailed explanations of how to organize and sort through your thoughts, to brainstorm ideas, and create lists and outlines, this book can be very useful for college students. It describes how to use words concisely to achieve a powerful and succinctly written essay. It also contains sample essays and a list of other resources and alternate reading materials.

Structuring Paragraphs and Essays: A Guide to Effective Writing by A. Franklin Parks, James A. Levernier, Ida Masters Hollowell – This is a textbook worth buying as it contains great tips on structuring essays and paragraphs for college writing. It takes a step-by-step approach and features plenty of essays written by students. It also has a lot of grammar exercises helping you smoothen out your writing mechanical wrinkles.

Final Notes

Essay writing skills play a very critical in the successful completion of your college course. Irrespective of which subject you choose to major in, essay writing skills are essential to get good grades.

Essay writing skills do not get better overnight. You need to practice a lot and persevere before you can master it. There are many times when you are so overwhelmed with routine college activities like attending classes and preparing for and completing assessments that you may not be left with sufficient time and/or energy to strategize and write long-drawn essays.

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