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Honors College Essay Tips

Honors College Essay Tips (600)

Many state-run educational institutions have an exclusive honors college that seeks to attract highly talented and academically brilliant students. Getting admission to these honors college is far more challenging than getting admission to a general school. Invariably, an honors college needs you to write an extra essay as part of the admission application.

An impressive honors college essay is a key difference between getting rejecting and getting admission to these elite institutions. By submitted a well-articulated, engaging and meaningful essay, you increase your chances of getting admission to these prestigious colleges.

Honors College Essay Tips

Read and understand the prompt – It is critical to ensure that your essay corresponds to the requirement of the prompt. Every college has its own set of requirements including word count limits, formatting, etc. If you are applying to multiple colleges, then please customize your essay to meet the requirements of each of the colleges. An essay that does not meet the prompt requirements of the college will reflect very poorly on your application.

Choose a topic of your liking – After understanding the prompt clearly, sit down and think of which topic you would base your essay on. Gather your thoughts and decide what you want to put into your essay. Ensure that your choice of topic presents you in a positive light. After all, your essay should be a marketing tool to sell yourself to the admission officer.

Let me explain with an example. Suppose the prompt was, "Why have you chosen to apply to an honors college?" Sit back and think of the real reasons that will answer this question honestly and also give them an idea about who you are and what kind of personality you have. Talk about how an honors degree will help you achieve your goals better than other college degrees. Or you can talk about how you love to challenge yourself and aim for something higher each time.

Organize your ideas before starting to write – This point is useful for any kind of writing and more so for an honors college essay. Writing without clearly organizing your ideas and thoughts will leave you floundering in the middle. Organizing your thoughts will help you write your essay in a coherent and clear manner.

Organizing your thoughts means to make an outline of your essay and how you want the flow of information to happen. Adjust this outline so that the information flow appears seamless instead of disjointed.

First, write a draft essay – It is the most prudent way to start to get that perfect essay at the end of your efforts. Make a rough draft first. It doesn't matter if it sounds terrible the first time you read it. Keep it aside and run through your thoughts and ideas again. Something will spark in your mind.

Now sit down and rewrite the essay. You will that your second one is far better than your first! Like this, keep writing and rewriting till such time you are convinced that you cannot get better than this. Make the last one your final one.

Proofread and edit – You simply cannot ignore this step. While your idea may be out of this world, if the basic grammar and spelling errors are not corrected, your admission officer is not going to give it a second look! Check your sentence structure, grammar, and spelling and make sure these elements are spotlessly perfect.

Final Notes

If you are even thinking of applying to an honors college, then you must be an above-average student and this should make you proud. Just spend some time on writing your best essay for the admission and see your application come through smoothly.

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