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In What Point Of View Are Research Papers Written?

In What Point Of View Are Research Papers Written?

It is critical that as a research paper creator, you know and understand in what point of view are research papers written so that your paper meets the requisite standards.

There are three points of view that are commonly used in any kind of writing:

  • First person point of view – I, me, myself, we, etc

  • Second person point of view – you, your, yourself etc

  • Third person point of view – he, she, they, them, it,their etc

The first person point of view in research papers

There are some scenarios wherein first person writing style fits naturally. These include personal narratives, personal profiles, some form of comic writing, reviews etc. A writing that represents the writer's own perspective or feelings invariably calls for the first person point of view.

The first person point of view has the potential to render a sense of style to your academic writing works. However, in the hands of an inexperienced writer, the first person point of view can end up as a troubling piece of academic writing.

Hence, it is important to avoid first person perspectives when you are writing a research paper for the first time. Moreover, a first person point of view in a formal academic paper such as a research paper is to be avoided as it can make the writer come across as a self-centered individual and the objectivity required in such cases is completely lost.

Another reason to avoid using the first person in your research paper is this: frequent use of phrases such as "I think" or "In my opinion" will present a sense of uncertainty and of being not committed which should be completely avoided in research papers.

However, as you gain experience, you could look at a scenario wherein the first person point of view adds a certain style and flair to your formal academic creations without appearing self-obsessed or unsure of yourself.

The reason usage of the first person is sometimes an effective strategy comes from the fact that when you do so, you are reminding yourself and the reader that no matter how deep the study was done, no matter how what wide-ranging sources the supporting evidence was garnered from, the writer is after all human and has limited contingent perspectives.

This rather humble outlook adds a sense of modesty and thoughtfulness to the writer and endears himself more to the readers. Of course, this kind of self-effacing attitude through your writing will be able to come across only after you gained ample writing experience.

A third reason how first person point of view can add value to your research papers is by way of adding variety to it. A research paper is invariably long and rather monotonous and if not written effectively could make for tedious reading. The use of the first person helps in diluting this monotony. However, I would like to reiterate the importance of diluting the core content of your research through injudicious use first person perspectives which could land you in big trouble. So, avoid first person perspectives in your research paper especially if it is your first one.

The second person point of view in research papers

Combining second and first person points of view are also to be avoided. Sentences like, "I believe you are left with little choice," can add confusion to the reader's mind. While the use of second person point of view could add an informal conversational tone to your paper, these sentences though grammatically correct, could lead to undue confusion. Moreover, the use of second person point of view can make your paper sound quite presumptuous because it refers to your reader and his or her actions. So, if required, choose the first person over the second person and also avoid combining the two.

The third person point of view in research papers

Third person point of view is usually used in research papers considering the fact that these academic-based works require an objective perspective. The third person point of view ensures that the reader is focused on the subject or topic that is being presented in the research paper. It is common for teachers to instruct students not to write any academic essays or research papers in the first-person point of view.

A third point of view eliminates direct references to the writer and helps create a more generalized and less subjective perspective. For example, "Researchers are required to plan their paper before writing it," is more formal and general than "You are required to plan your paper before writing it," or "I am required to plan my paper before writing it." The formal, objective tone is more conducive for a research paper.

However, in some formatting styles such as the APA style, it is important that the research writer should use the first person when he or she is describing activities done during the course of the study. This is to ensure that the reader is not left in confusion about who actually conducted the studies and research activities.

For example, while writing your paper if you said, "The author conducted various experiments and noted the observations in detail," then it is possible that the reader is confused as to who the author is. To keep such confusions as bay, your research paper should say, "I conducted various experiments and noted the observations in detail." This will leave no doubt in the minds of the reader as to who did the experiments in the research study.

Final Notes

Considering the various confusions and constraints that students face while combining first, second, and third person points of view, it would be very prudent to stick to the third person strictly for writing your research paper.

When you do have to use the first person in a sentence or a paragraph, ask yourself the following questions before using it:

  • Is something different in this paragraph or sentence where you want to bring in the first person point of view?

  • Do you want your reader to focus on a specific point or idea?

  • Are you feeling personally connected to that idea?

  • Have you been consistent with the use of third person point of view till now?

  • Will the addition of the first person represent a meaningful change in your paper at this point?

Writing experts treat the use of the first person in any kind of academic writing especially a research paper like a powerful spice; even a little addition can add a lot of flavor to the entire paper. However, you must know how much and when to add this spice to convert a bland research paper into an interesting and engaging one.

It is good to use first person in your research paper and when used judiciously can bring alive your submission leaving your teacher in no doubt about your grasp of the subject and your writing capabilities.

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