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Is a Research Paper an Essay?

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Students have to write both research papers and essays in college. Is a research paper an essay? No, there are two different types of writing assignments. A research paper is extensive in that a lot of research and prewriting is required, while an essay doesn’t always have a prewriting process. However, the essay is assigned more than the research paper. The following are some other key differences between a research paper and an essay.

  1. With a research paper, you have to research other points of view on a topic, as well as include your own ideas. Whereas with an essay, you just go over your point a view on a subject.

For example, you might have to research the different points of view on stem cell research for a research paper. But, for an essay, you usually just have to present your point of view on stem cell research.

  1. The length of a research paper is at least 8-pages (it can be a lot more), whereas an essay is shorter. An essay can be about three pages long, but the average is five paragraphs.

  2. The structure of an essay is different from that of a research paper.

In an essay, the introduction takes up one paragraph, the body takes up three paragraphs and the conclusion is the last paragraph. The introduction introduces the topic and the thesis. Then, the three body paragraphs examine the topic further with ideas that support the thesis. Each paragraph has a specific point that ties to the other paragraphs. The conclusion summarizes the points that were made in the body, and restates the thesis.

On the other hand, for a research paper, the introduction itself can be five paragraphs. It can be less than that as well, or more if it’s a huge research paper. The introduction of the research paper also has a thesis, but introduces the research topic as well. Then, the body of a research paper is where the factual support for the topic found during research goes. It can be organized into sub-headings or chapters. The body of a research paper can easily take up 9 pages of a 10-page paper.

  1. For a research paper, you have to research a topic thoroughly because you need to really show your understanding of that topic in your writing. You need to be able to back up the claim you make about a topic with supporting evidence from your sources, but know enough to incorporate your own ideas logically as well. With an essay, you don’t need to necessarily know a topic inside and out. You just rely on your knowledge of it.

  2. You need to be familiar with sources associated with a chosen topic when you write a research paper. This includes analyzing the sources to make sure they are legit. This is not necessarily the case with an essay. With an essay, the source is often only yourself, and not outside material.

  3. The purpose of a research paper is to build your knowledge of a topic and teach the intended audience about that topic. In contrast, the purpose of an essay is to help build your writing skills. With an essay, you focus on having your ideas flow from one paragraph to the next in a logical manner, with the use of transitions and connecting points. A research paper does not always have that setup. How the factual support from research is included in a research paper depends on the type of research paper you are writing.

  4. Essays are often required as answers on exams, while research papers are not because they are much more detailed.

So, is an essay a research paper? No, because while they have some similarities – for instance, both types require a thesis -there are also the differences that are elaborated on above. But, whether you need to write an essay, or a research paper, you can also get help from Prescott Papers.

Prescott Papers is a custom academic writing service that uses U.S. based writers to write professional, high-quality research papers and essays. Regardless of what your research paper or essay is about, we can find a writer who has academic and/or professional knowledge and experience on the topic to help you write it. For instance, we’ll have a retired biology professor help you on a biology essay.

We can be there with you throughout the entire process. For a research paper, that can start with working with you on creating an outline for the paper so you know in what order the supporting evidence for the topic is going to be presented. We can also work with you on all the drafts of an essay or research paper as well. Unlimited edits and revisions are included for free with each order.

The research paper or essay you get from Prescott Papers will be original. There will be no plagiarism. Our writers know how to cite sources properly for a research paper, and they’ll demonstrate to you how it’s done. Plus, we double check all our custom papers and essays for plagiarism.

Our writers will work with you on putting your ideas into your research paper and essay. At Prescott Papers, we want to enable our customers to do their own work in writing their research paper and essays. At the same time, we also maintain complete confidentiality as well. No one has to know that we came to your aid regarding your research paper and essay.

When you order a research paper or essay from Prescott Papers, you just need to provide the formatting instructions, your notes from any research you done if it’s a research paper, and any other instructions that will help one of our writers write the best research paper or essay for you to reference or use as a guideline. Our custom papers and essays are great to use as guidelines, reference materials and study guides.

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