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Literature Review Dissertation

Literature Review Dissertation

As part of your college academic writing work, you might have to write reviews of literature that have been published in your field of work. Your literature review dissertation should ideally be instructional if the reader knows less than you about the subject. However, if the reader of your literature review dissertation is more knowledgeable than you, then your review should demonstrate your expertise, familiarity, and knowledge of your domain.

What should the literature review contain?

  • You must present the literature around your dissertation topic

  • You must discuss the various issues under your topic

  • You must compare the various literatures with respect to your dissertation topic

  • You must present the literatures in a new light and interpret them differently from others and also illustrates any existing gaps in them

  • Your review must resolve any existing conflicts between the literatures

  • You must clearly determine which of the literatures contribute significantly to the discussion in your dissertation

  • Your dissertation must finally point the direction of further potential research

What kind of literature review should you include in your dissertation?

Before you choose to include any literature for review in your dissertation, you must consider the following elements:

Qualifications of the author – Are the author's credentials sufficient for him or her to arrive at the judgments in the paper?

Neutrality – Does the author appear biased or neutral in his or her perspective?

Credibility – Are you convinced by the author's presentation of literature and approve of his or her credibility?

Worth – Does the literature under consideration add any significant dimension to your dissertation?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then it makes sense for you to include the literature in your literature review of your dissertation. These questions will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

How should you connect the literature to your dissertation?

  • First, provide an overview of the topic under discussion

  • Divide the various literatures in different concepts and categories (either supporting or evidencing against your stand)

  • Link all the literatures in such a way that your review presents ideas and thoughts prior to your paper

  • Provide conclusions of those literatures that contribute the maximum to your paper

When you present literatures, do not merely summarize them or paraphrase them. Critically analyze, assess, and synthesize the ideas from all the relevant literatures to add value to your paper.

Your presentation of the works should be such that the reader clearly understands (based on the choice of your words) whether the claims in these literatures are acceptable to you or not. Use reporting verbs to present your assessment of the literatures to indicate the following:

  • Positive assessment – Use verbs such as argue, advocate, see, or hold

  • Neutral assessment – Use verbs like cite, address, look at, or comment

  • Tentative assessment – Use verbs like believe, allude to, suggest, or hypothesize

  • Critical assessment – Use verbs like condemn, attack, refute, or object

When you do literature reviews in your dissertations, ensure that you quote and/or select only the most relevant matter for your topic or subject. You must illustrate how the quote you have chosen makes sense or fits into your dissertation. When you do literature reviews, do not forget the all-important reference or citations.

Finally, remember that all literature reviews should be around the central idea which is your topic in the dissertation. Don't make the ideas of the previous literatures as the central theme. Use them only to add value to your dissertation.

Final Notes

The primary purpose of a literature review in your dissertation is to tell your readers that you are an expert in the subject you are writing the paper about and you have read widely before arriving at your own central idea which is the basis of this dissertation.

Again, I would like to reiterate that your review should not be a mere paraphrase or summary of the literatures under consideration. The review should be in the form of a critical analysis that illustrates your awareness and the ability to see and interpret the authors' views.

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