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Passage Writing

Passage Writing

Passage writing or paragraph writing skills is the basis for a good essay or any other form of content writing. A passage or paragraph is comprised of a few sentences that are held together by a common idea. The most important aspect of writing a good passage or paragraph is not to meander from the central idea.

A well-written passage will keep the readers' thoughts on a clear path and will not take detours. Mastering the art of writing a great essay is based on mastering the art of writing a great passage. So, this article is intended to help you write a great passage or paragraph using four basic elements that define a passage.

Four critical elements of a good passage or paragraph

A paragraph would ideally consist of about five sentences. The first sentence would be the topic sentence which will be followed by three supporting sentences and the paragraph should ideally end with the concluding sentence.

The secret of a good paragraph or passages lies in the four critical elements including unity, order, coherence, and completeness. When these four elements are employed correctly and effectively, you will get a great passage. Let us look at each element in a little detail.

Unity – The unity element in a passage starts from the first or the topic sentence of the paragraph. Every passage has one central or controlling idea which is introduced to the reader in the topic sentence. The passage thereafter is unified around this central theme. The three supporting sentences that follow this main idea will lend credence to the idea through detailed discussions.

To get the topic sentence correct, make notes of all the points that you wish to make in this paragraph. Then, decided which point is the main driver for all the other points. This will then become the topic sentence of the passage.

Order – The order element of a good passage refers to how you organize the supporting sentences of the passage. You could choose to organize the sentences in a chronological order or in the order of importance or a logical order of presentation or in any other format.

The critical thing is that the reader should clearly feel the sense of organization or a set pattern in the passage. This order or seamless pattern prevents the passage from appearing disjointed or confusing.

Coherence – A coherent passage enables your reader to easily understand what is being said. You must ensure that all the sentences within each passage of your essay are connected and appear complete. A great way to achieve coherence in your passage is to use transition words that represent a set order such firstly, secondly, thirdly, etc.

You can also transition words that represent a spatial relationship such as above, below, by the side of, etc. Another set of transition words that increase coherence in your passage is based on logic and these words include in addition to, in fact, furthermore, moreover, etc. To enhance coherence in your passage, you must necessarily employ a verb tense that is consistent throughout the paragraph.

Completeness – A complete passage means it is well-developed based on its central theme. A topic sentence followed by three supporting sentences and finally the concluding sentence are essential to get a complete and well-developed paragraph. If you do not have the three sentences that support the central idea mentioned in the topic sentence, then your passage is incomplete. You must make that the concluding sentence wraps up and/or reinforces the central idea in the paragraph.

Example of an ineffective and an effective passage

Let us understand the above elements of a passage through illustrative examples. Look at the passage given below:

Sunday is the best day of the week. It is the best day because on this day I can watch my favorite game. I get to watch on other days too, but it is not the same as Sunday. Sunday is also the best day for me because my father and I watch TV the whole day. On other days, my dad comes home late. Sometimes he travels and I do not get to see him for many days. The favorite game of my dad and me is the league football match. We cheer and shout together. Sunday is the day I get to spend lots of time with my dad.

If you notice, the main theme is the joy of spending time with Dad on Sunday. The theme gets lost amidst a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary sentences. The topic sentence does not contain the central theme too. There is little coherence or unity in the passage. Let us look at an edited version of the same passage.

Sunday is my favorite day because I get to spend a lot of time watching TV with my dad. Although on other days I get to watch TV for a while, I miss my dad who comes home late after work on most days by which time I am asleep. Moreover, my dad travels on work and there are many days when I do not get to see him at all. Our favorite pastime on Sunday is watching the league football match where we cheer our team together. Hence, Sunday is the best day for me as I love to hang out the entire day with my dad.

The edited version has a central theme that is clearly stated in the topic sentence. The three supporting sentences are connected well and tell you why Sunday is the boy's favorite day. The concluding sentence clearly reinforces the topic sentence.

Final Notes

As I have already said earlier, a good essay is a collection of many good passages. So, if you focus your attention on each passage and get it right and your entire essay will turn out great.

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