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Irrespective of whether you are writing a short essay for your class or a dissertation for your entire course, a thesis statement plays an essential role in deciding the ultimate quality of your paper. This thesis maker article is aimed at giving you a fairly picture of how to go about making a great thesis statement.

How to create great thesis statement

Use the following methods to craft excellent thesis statements:

Ask a question and then use the answer as the basis of your thesis statement – Irrespective of the complexity of a subject, a great thesis statement can be crafted by asking yourself a relevant question related to the topic.

Example question: "What are the advantages of letting fourth-graders learn computers?"

The thesis statement can be based on the answer to the above question and could read something like this: Computer classes for the fourth-graders will give them an early advantage in scientific and technological education.

Example question: Why is the Mississippi River such an important element in Mark Twain's book Huckleberry Finn?

Thesis statement: The Mississippi River represents division and progress. The author uses the river to divide the characters and their respective settings in the book while making it a perfect place for the two primary characters to meet.

Example question: Why are most people angry at groups that appear morally righteous such as feminists, vegans, etc?

Thesis statement: Multiple sociological studies have proved morally righteous groups like the vegans and the feminists treat people who do not belong to the group as inferior to them thereby invoking anger and resentment among the general public.

Align your thesis to the type of paper you are creating – There are basically three types of papers:

  • Analytical

  • Expository

  • Argumentative

Analytical – This kind of paper requires you to break down something to study and understand it better. An example of a thesis statement that analyzes the Shakespearean play, King Lear: The dynamics that exist between two generations of people is the reason for the tension created in the play. Age plays an important role to motivate unrest and violence in the lives of King Lear and his daughters.

Expository – This kind of paper teaches or illuminates something to the reader. An example of a thesis statement for an expository paper: The modern philosophies that developed in the 19th century such as Darwinism, Positivism, and Marxism refuted and undermined Christian principles and values and instead focused on solving problems of the real world.

Argumentative – This type of paper claims or backs an opinion with an intention to change the reader's mind. An example of a thesis statement for an argumentative essay: Barack Obama's steady and specific decisions helped bring the American economy out of the hole it was in when he took office.

Take a specific stand to carry a powerful message to your readers – Address one particular issue in great detail so that your paper presents a powerful and focused message to the readers. Examples:

Although both sides fought the American Civil War, the reasons were different: while North took a moral stand the South wanted to preserve their institutions and culture

The steel industry in America is going through a major crisis period primarily caused by the lack of funds and resources needed to modernize old factories and equipment.

Create a fresh and unique perspective in the thesis statement – The best thesis statements are those that create a fresh appeal to the argument and present the topic in a completely new avatar. Examples:

The invention and surge of the internet technology have made copyright laws redundant and irrelevant; ideally, all should be able to access movies, written content, and music for free.

While the two-party system has served our country well for over two hundred years, the time has come to relook at this and change the way our political system works.

Make sure your thesis can be proved – It is imperative that you have a thesis statement that can be easily proved. You must be able to back it up with irrefutable evidence. Examples:

By questioning contradictions, by embracing them, and by accepting them, Blake was able to create his own faith and came out stronger for having created it. Blake's poems can instill faith only by first losing it.

As per existing philosophies and beliefs that are all well-documented, an existential society that does not learn about its past or does not plan for the future is a stagnant society.

Here are some examples of thesis statements that cannot be proved:

The American Revolution was won by the wrong people – Now who can prove right or wrong here?

A short summary of tips to write a great thesis

  • Determine the three important elements of your paper including type, purpose, and the target audience

  • First ask yourself a question relating to the topic and make the answer you get as the basis of your thesis statement.

  • Take a stand and ensure that your stand can be proved

  • Let your thesis statement be in two parts; one part is the actual topic and the second part should be a brief summary of what you plan to say in your paper

  • Make sure your thesis statement is not more than one or two sentences long

Final Notes

Remember the following about a thesis statement:

  • It is an assertion; not an observation or a fact. You must use facts and observations in the paper to support your thesis.

  • It takes a stand and lets the reader know your position with respect to the particular topic

  • It is the central theme of the paper and tells the reader what you intend to discuss in your paper

  • It answers a question and tells the reader who you intend to support your argument

  • And lastly, a good thesis statement must be debatable. That is to say, while you support your argument with certain points of evidence, it must also allow others to present counter-arguments and create a debating environment. Universal truths such as "the earth is round" do not make great thesis statements. Nobody can really argue today that the earth is not round!

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