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University Essay Writing Tips

University Essay Writing Tips

Writing a university essay can be quite a daunting task. Yet, if you have secured admission in a good university, it means that your capacity to learn and grasp new things is great and this positive knowledge should keep you motivated.

And, moreover, writing essays is the most important task to learn and master while at studying at university. This is because there are innumerable essays to write before you can successfully complete your degree. This article will give you some great university essay writing tips.

University Essay Writing Tips

Introductory paragraph – This should contain your understanding of the essay question along with the thesis statement which is your core idea taken from the question. The thesis statement will let the reader know which direction the essay is going to take. The introductory paragraph should unambiguously present the expected structure of the essay to the reader.

Challenge every idea – Even if you like the idea, do not hesitate to challenge and question it. Even if you seem to wholeheartedly agree with the idea, avoid accepting it without questioning and challenging its validity.

Accept every idea – This is like the reverse of the previous point. While you must not hesitate to challenge all ideas, do not eliminate any idea that you come across simply because it seems to go against what you believe or simply because you "dislike" it. This attitude can cost you because you run the risk of losing a critical point that could actually support your thesis.

Explain every point – Do not make assumptions that the reader will understand the connection of a point to your essay. Explain every point that you have made in the essay even if the point seems bizarrely obvious to you.

Use simple clear language – The ideas can be complex. Do not enhance the complexity by using a convoluted style of language and writing. Keep your presentation simple and straightforward. The risk of using a complex writing or language style is that you could end up obscuring your ideas or thoughts. In fact, using complexity naively can make your essay seem to be quite the opposite of what you actually wanted to present.

Make detailed and focused notes – Making notes is an art that you have to endeavor to learn and master. As you make your notes, there will be a sense of tangibility to your thoughts and understanding. As you write down each point, you will feel either the power of support or the lack thereof which will help you decide whether to keep the point or not in your essay.

Reading and making notes go hand in hand. Do not only read. Always keep a pen and book handy. Keep making notes as you read. Remember to include the source from where you got the idea. You will need this detail for referencing. However, it is equally important not to write down everything you read. Make focused notes only of those points that are relevant to your essay. Else, you note-making process will defeat its core purpose.

Making diligent notes will also facilitate creating an improved essay structure than otherwise.

Organize your notes – It is one thing to make detailed and focused notes. It is quite another thing to organize them to align with your essay structure. It is quite easy to fall into the trap of keeping notes in a haphazard manner because you believe that most of it is safe in your head. But, this attitude can be quite misleading.

It is very likely that you have forgotten many points that you have read. That is one of the primary reasons behind making notes. If you have not organized your notes well, you run the risk of two things: one is to lose unnecessary time to looking for the relevant point among the clutter of notes and the second is to lose the details of an extremely important idea thereby decreasing the value of your university essay.

Include images in your notes – Even a seemingly small university essay would include consumption and putting to memory a lot of information and data. Retaining words is far more difficult for the human brain that retaining images. Hence, it makes sense to include a lot of images, drawings, charts, and other visual concepts when you are making your notes. The ease of writing your essay will be considerably improved.

Summarize your essay in one sentence – You can use this tip to check if you are going down the correct road. Suppose someone asks you to write the summary of your essay in just one sentence. Can you do it? If you can do this confidently and without much ado, at least more or less, then it is very likely that the direction your essay is taking is correct.

Use essay structures – There are numerous readymade essay structures that you can follow. The good ones will tell you what to include and what not to include in each paragraph. The good ones will tell you what the commonly used transitional phrases for the end and/or beginning of each paragraph that will create a seamless link throughout your essay.

Many of the essay structures will give you an insight of how to format your essay. It will tell you which point has to come first and which point has to follow and so forth. Getting the structure of the essay right constitutes a large part of your essay writing process. Moreover, the reader will be able to clearly discern the format when you have used a clear structure to write your essay.

Write the first draft early on – Do not wait until the last minute to write your first draft. After you make your notes and decide on the structure of the essay and decide on the thesis statement and the list of supporting evidence, write your first draft immediately. This will serve two purposes: the information is still fresh in your mind and hence you will be able to write a clear essay and the second purpose is to give you sufficient time to make necessary revisions and editions.

Conclusion – This last paragraph of your essay should ideally contain a succinct summary of all the points and a reworded thesis statement that will emphasize your idea unequivocally. This paragraph should also be used to demonstrate how the evidence you have presented clearly supports your thesis statement.

Get someone else to read your essay first – This is a great way to see if your essay can be understood by anyone. Choose a family member or a friend preferably not from the same class to read your essay. Irrespective of factual correctness (especially since this aspect will be taken care by you), see whether the person "understands" what your essay says. I personally believe that if someone who is from a different field can get what you are trying to say then your essay is good enough.

Check for spelling and grammar – Not completing this aspect of essay-writing is like eating food that has zero nutrition. If you do not get the mechanics of writing correctly, then the most flamboyant of your ideas will fall flat on its face as your teacher is going to be completely put off by your lack of basic writing skills. So, before you hand over the final copy of your essay, please check and recheck for grammar and spelling.

Recheck for factual correctness – Recheck and verify again the authenticity of the points included in your essay. Double checking this aspect can only be advantageous because presenting erroneous data is frowned down by most colleges and universities.

Take sufficient breaks – Do not hesitate to take breaks during your essay writing process. Do not expect to finish the entire project in one or two days. Allocate sufficient time for reading and making notes. Take a break from this exercise and chew on the data that you have garnered. These breaks are great rejuvenators and help clear your mind so that you can perceive things more objectively.

Final Notes

While writing a university essay can be a daunting challenge with practice and hard work, you can master the art such that there will come a time in your university life when teachers will ask struggling students in your class to take your help. This privilege is the reward of diligent and unstinted hard work.

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