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What Is A Term Paper

What Is a Term Paper

A term paper is a rather lengthy essay written by students on a subject or topic drawn from the courses attended and work done during the college term. So, that clearly answers your question of "What is a term paper?"

Why are term papers important?

Here are some reasons why professors assign term papers to students. Term papers help you with the following

Develop your logical thinking ability – One of the primary effects of a college education is to develop a logical thinking capability so that you can develop your own ideas and thoughts and then use logic to argue your case. Logical thinking skills are essential in the corporate environment. Doing a term paper helps build your logical thinking abilities.

Develop your communication skills – Clearly and succinct communication is a key element to your success. Even a simple email to your boss if written badly can break your career. Writing term papers helps build and develop your communication skills.

Help in exploring your ideas and thoughts – As you imbibe data and information to write your term paper, you will be exploring various thoughts and ideas that develop in your head. This exercise helps you understand whats, hows, and the whys of your own belief systems. You understand yourself much better than before.

Develop the art of conciseness – Economy of words is a skill that will take you far in your career. Saying something succinctly and briefly and yet ensuring no important point is left unsaid is an art that your employer will love. Writing a term paper develops this particular skill in abundance.

How to write a term paper

Choose the topic – The broad topic or subject along with relevant instructions will be given by your professor. However, the subtopic or the thesis statement will definitely be your own. Try and choose a topic that is both creative and interesting. If you choose something that you like or even are passionate about, then the process of writing will definitely become easier.

Once you have chosen the general topic, break it down to a narrow subject that also has sufficient research material as well as ample avenues for new ideas and thoughts. Remember to have a topic that is original and can be approached in an insightful manner. Speak to the other coursemates and try and avoid a topic that is already taken by someone else. Originality will gain you a lot of brownie points from your professor.

Another point to take care of is the fact that you get so caught up with the final outcome that you become rigid about the topic. Such situations will prevent you from keeping an open mind and you become closed to new ideas and thoughts. This should be avoided if you want your term paper to be original, insightful, and fascinating for the reader. Always be flexible and open to change.

Do your research – It is imperative that you do ample research before you start writing your paper. You need to know what the background of the topic is and you also need to know the present state it is in. It is easy to fall into the trap of writing something that you already know quite well. But, it is better to avoid this trap as you will not learn anything new during the process of writing this particular term paper. Always do your research for every paper like you are starting afresh on the topic.

When you are doing research, remember to access and read both primary and secondary resources. Primary resources are original documents, texts, interviews, legal cases, etc and secondary resources include other people's explanations and interpretations of this information. You can discuss your ideas with your classmates, your seniors, and your teachers. But, the final writing should be yours alone.

Make plenty of notes as you do your research. Ensure that you have all the details of the sources of information such as the title of the work, the author's name, date of publication, date of retrieval, relevant page numbers from which you got the required data, and more. These details are essential for citing and referencing purposes without which your term paper will have no credibility.

Write your thesis statement – After you have collected, read, and understood all the required information regarding the topic you plan to discuss in your paper, you will be able to write your thesis statement. Please visit our site to get custom thesis writing services so that you get the best thesis for your paper.

It is pertinent to note at this point that neither your thesis writing nor your research work is done. As you write more and present your arguments, you might have to redefine and refine your thesis statement and continue to do more research work.

Write the outline –The basic elements of your outline should contain details of the following parts of your term paper:

  • Introduction, the main body that discusses the various points of evidence, and the conclusion

  • Explanatory paragraph that sets the tone for the main body; this ideally is the paragraph after the introduction

  • Arguments and analysis paragraphs with details of each paragraph along with relevant bibliography

  • Write down any outstanding points and/or questions for which you need to do more research work

It is important to get the outline right so that any gaps in understanding or any shortage of data and information can be filled up at this point itself before the actual writing of the paper.

Your thesis statement should come in the introduction – The introduction is, perhaps, the most challenging part of a term paper. You get this right and it is quite likely that the rest of the paper will go smoothly without any hitches. Writing the introduction will reinforce the format of your term paper. Use the following tips for creating a stellar introduction:

  • Hook the reader's attention with a surprising story or quote. A curious anecdote will also do the trick

  • Now, introduce your topic in a clear and succinct manner

  • Write the thesis statement that will tell your reader the direction your paper is going to take. Ensure the thesis statement is specific, clear, and unambiguous.

Write the main body paragraphs – Ensure each supporting paragraph in the main body talks about only one point or idea. Each paragraph in the main body should ideally consist of a topic sentence (which introduces the central idea of the paragraph) followed by three or four sentences of supporting points and the concluding sentence that reinforces the central theme of the paragraph.

Write a powerful conclusion – Let your concluding paragraph exude power and strength. Use the following tips for a great conclusion:

  • Restate the thesis statement

  • Mention one important point in your concluding paragraph; this could be a sentence that restates the most important point of evidence

  • Conclude the paragraph by wrapping up all the points neatly

  • End with a clinching idea which will make the reader think again

Final Notes

In addition to the importance of a term paper that I have listed in the initial part of this article, another very important reason to focus and write a great term paper is because it contributes significantly towards the final grade of the term.

Hence, it does make sense to spend time and energy on this exercise. However, considering the hectic life you lead as a college student, there could be instances when you are simply short on time to complete a great term paper that will boost your grade.

During such times, do not hesitate to look up the various paper writing services offered by Prescott Papers. Our team of highly qualified, experienced, and trained writers and editors will be glad to help you with all your academic writing needs including custom essays, assignments, projects, dissertations, term papers, and more.

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