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What Is An Idiom In A Poem?

What Is An Idiom In A Poem?

Idioms are words and/or phrases that mean something quite different from their literal meanings. They are used extensively to add fun, flair, and style to an article or poem.

While idioms, when used judiciously, can add verve to your writing, when used excessively and needlessly can add clutter to your writing. Incorporating idioms into your essays can add creativity to your work and reflects your artistic side to the reader.

If you are writing an essay on financial prudence, you can either say, "It is important to save money," or you could use an idiom like "A penny saved is a penny earned."

The idiom adds life to your content and exhorts readers to read and imagine more than the mere words. Idioms add a dynamic visual to your content and it creates a picture of what you are trying to say in their minds.

Idioms are used as a form of humor, and this is especially useful when you want to say something that might otherwise appear harsh. So, if you want to chide your son by telling him you don't believe his promise of cleaning his room by the end of the day, you can add some humor and soften the sting of shouting at him by using the idiom, "that will be the day when pigs will fly!"

What Is An Idiom In A Poem?

There have been many famous poets who have effectively used idioms in their poems and here is a great example:

Robert Frost's Mending Wall:

He will not go behind his father's saying

And he likes having thought of it as well

He says again, "Good fences make good neighbors."

This poem reflects the poet's ideas of barriers and walls that people build between themselves while communicating and maintaining relationships with each other. These barriers or walls are built, Frost says, to give people a sense of safety.

The idiom in these lines "good fences make good neighbors" fits extremely well in the context of the poem. This idiom means it is good to have fences to mark personal territories and prevents neighbors from fighting with each other. However, Frost uses this idiom here to bring in a tone of sarcasm with a bemused tangential meaning that fences are good to keep people away from each other.

John Randal's Idioms for Idiots:

"You can't cry over spilt milk," my mother always said.

"Life's not a piece of cake," she hammered into my head.

That's the way it goes, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

My mother saved her idioms for all my idiotic troubles

Here is the meaning of each of the idioms and you can see how wonderfully all of them come together in this beautiful piece of poetry.

Don't cry over spilt milk – The meaning of this idiom is that you should not worry about something that has already happened and that which cannot be altered in any way. This kind of advice is commonly given to people who worry too much about their past mistakes. It is a form of an exhortation to them to move on and leave the past behind.

Piece of cake – extremely easy to do or achieve

The way the cookie crumbles – this idiom means that there is nothing you can do about certain things that do not happen the way you hope

The importance of learning poetry to improve reading and writing skills

Poetry helps us to paint sketches of what we see, what we hear, and what we do with the magic of words. It helps us understand it is possible to make your writing beautiful even without the boundaries of grammar and punctuations.

Poetry is music. It has a sense of rhythm and sound that makes it easily understandable and appreciable by all irrespective of age, race, class, or any other limitations.

Poetry is universal and all English language learners can benefit from learning poetry. Poetry is an outlet for surging emotions and even students with a limited vocabulary can create beautiful poems.

Reading poetry aloud enhances listening and speaking skills. In fact, many students who are not fond of writing essays love writing poetry.

When you read poetry you realize that you can create an entire picture and/or image by using a limited number of words. You will realize that you can make all other forms of writing more powerful by economical and concise use of words.

Final Notes

Poetry is a beautiful form of writing and incorporating idioms into poetry enhances the magical effect. Combining idioms and poetry can be quite confounded to the novice; yet as you learn and master it, your writing will improve considerably.

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