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What Is The Best Way To Write An Essay?

What Is The Best Way To Write An Essay?

Writing an essay is viewed by many students as a difficult and insurmountable task. If you get into college with this kind of a negative bias to essay writing, you are definitely going to have a tough time completing college and getting your coveted degree.

You cannot run away from essay writing in college as this is the most common format teachers use to measure and grade your comprehension capabilities. As you delve deeper into mastering your subject, essay writing will be the process that will be used to present your interpretative, analytical, and descriptive writing skills.

So, instead of trying to escape from the inevitable, it is better to find answers to "what is the best way to write an essay?" and master the technique so that essay writing will be a piece of cake for you.

It is important to break up this seemingly insurmountable task into manageable chunks before you attempt to write your essay. Here's how you can break it up.

Tips on how to write an effective essay

Choose your topic – If your teacher has already assigned a topic to you, then this step is not required. You only need to decide how to present your essay based on the topic given. Do you want it to be persuasive or simply informative?

If you have to choose your own topic, then you can pick one that interests you or is relevant to you. If you choose to write a persuasive essay, then it makes sense you take a topic that you are passionate about; if you have to create an informative essay, then it makes sense to pick a subject that you are well-versed in.

Prepare a framework of ideas - Our thoughts are always scattering like rays of light from the sun. It is important to capture these scattering rays by creating a diagrammatic representation of your thoughts.

Put your main topic in the middle of an empty page and note down various ideas that are flowing through your mind around it. Alternatively, you could write the topic name at the top of the page and list down your ideas one after another.

Next to each idea, you can write smaller and related thoughts that keep popping up in your head. As you sketch out your thoughts on paper, you will invariably find connections between the ideas and an organized format of how you want to proceed in your essay will be visible to you.

Create your thesis statement – Now that you have gathered your thoughts together and all the ideas that were floating in your head are on paper, you can decide what your thesis statement is going to be. Your thesis statement is not the same as the topic of the essay.

The thesis is the primary statement in your essay that clearly controls the way your essay will flow. The thesis statement is often a reflection of your opinion or judgment about an idea representing the main topic.

A good thesis statement features the following elements:

  • It directs the entire flow of the essay and limits what you have to write in your article.

  • It lets the reader know what you are going to discuss in the essay; all other paragraphs in the essay will explain or support this thesis statement

  • A powerful thesis statement needs proof; only then can your essay; if you use something that is accepted as a universal truth by all, your essay becomes pointless

  • It acts like a movie trailer; when you see a great trailer, aren't you impressed enough to watch the entire movie? Your thesis statement must do the same job for your reader

Examples of good thesis statements:

Americans must watch the intake of fast foods as the negative effects on human health can lead to diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

Homeless people must have access to minimum human needs such as nutritious food, basic clothing, and camping facilities because this will improve the quality of life for all the residents of the city.

Passive smoking is as bad as active smoking and can cause heart diseases and cancer; moreover, a passive smoker does not give his or her consent and hence smoking in public areas should be banned.

Write the body of the essay – The body of the essay should contain evidence supporting your thesis statement. Each of the ideas that you had in your diagrammatic representation would become one idea.

Make sure each paragraph discusses only one idea. The smaller related ideas under each of the main ideas can be added to form a cohesive seamless paragraph for every supporting point.Here, you could argue against any potential counter-arguments that you think might pop up in your reader's mind.

Write the introduction – You have completed nearly 75% of your essay till now. Your body is ready which is based on your thesis statement. Now, you have to come up with an introductory paragraph which will also embed your thesis statement.

The introductory paragraph should be engaging enough to catch the attention of the reader such that he or she wants to read further. Using a surprise element in your introduction is a great way to catch the attention of the reader. You could start with an interesting anecdote; you could start with a relevant quote; you could begin by giving some startling information regarding the topic.

Whatever you choose, it should be in sync with your thesis statement which, by the way, should ideally be the last sentence in your introduction.

An example of a good introduction:

It is appalling to know that till very recently cigarettes were advertised vigorously. These advertisements, both in print and visual media, featured handsome macho men holding a cigarette between their lips nonchalantly as they went about their work. It was meant to attract more people to smoking. Today, thankfully, people have realized the hazards of smoking and a pack of cigarettes mandatorily carry the visual images of the horrifying effects; advertisements are banned! However, we need to go one step further. Passive smoking is as bad as active smoking and can cause heart diseases and cancer; moreover, a passive smoker does not give his or her consent and hence smoking in public areas should be banned.

Write your conclusion This is the easiest part of essay writing. All you need to do here is tie everything up neatly through a simple summary of all the critical points in your essay. Keep your concluding paragraph short and succinct consisting of 4-5 powerful sentences that add strength to the overall essay. Lastly, do not forget to reinforce your thesis statement.

Review, proofread and edit – Your essay writing does not end with the concluding paragraph. You must review the essay; ensure all the small details are correctly filled in without any errors.

Make sure the strongest point of evidence is the first paragraph in your body and the rest of the paragraphs should have points in decreasing strength. The last paragraph in the body of body of your essay should have the least powerful point.

Re-read the instructions from your teacher and ensure you have followed them to the T. Last but not the least, proofread your essay and ensure all spelling, punctuations, and grammar mistakes are corrected. There is no point in having great content but which is filled with grammatical errors. Your teachers will not be impressed.

Final Notes

Essay writing can be quite daunting for many students. Yet, with patience and sustained practice, the challenges of essay writing can be easily overcome and sooner than later you can master the art.

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