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Two Year Colleges Vs Four Year Colleges

Two Year Colleges Vs Four Year Colleges

The debate of "two year colleges vs four year colleges" continues to rage and high school students who have to choose between the two are, many times, left flummoxed and confused. This article hopes to reduce some amount of confusion from your minds by clearing telling you the differences between two-year and four-year colleges.

I have collated and presented the differences between 2-year and 4-year colleges under various heads and they include:

  • Advantages

  • Disadvantages

  • Important statistical information

  • When to choose

Two-year colleges

Advantages – The tuition fee at community colleges which offer 2-year courses are relatively cheap as compared to that in 4-year colleges. Students attending community college are usually daily commuters and live at home. Hence they end up saving a lot of money that otherwise would have to spent on boarding and lodging.

After obtaining the associate degree, students can transfer their academic credits to a 4-year college to complete the undergraduate degree if they choose to. Else, they can choose to start working in the industry.

Some of the industries and positions do not need a bachelor's degree. If you have chosen this kind of profession, it makes prudent sense to do an associate 2-year degree in a community college.

Disadvantages – There is little flexibility in terms of changing professions if you wish to at a later stage. An associated degree from a 2-year college prepares you for a specific career only and therefore the options available to you are limited.

Important statistical information – There are fewer community colleges available for you to choose from. The closest community college would be the most ideal for you as the daily commuting can otherwise be quite an agony. Community colleges are designed for this express purpose; to offer local students an accessible educational degree.

When to choose a 2-year college – If your plan is to complete the 4-year degree, but you want to save some money and improve your GPA before attending a 4-year college, then this is a good option. If you have a specific career that you have already chosen and it is very unlikely that you will change your mind in the future and if this career does not call for a bachelor's degree, then a 2-year college is a perfect choice.

Four-year colleges

Advantages – The 4-year bachelor's degree gives you far more flexibility than a 2-year associate degree. It prepares students for a specialized professional career and today, many jobs need a bachelor's degree as a pre-requisite.

Four-year colleges hold a more exalted position in the job market than two-year colleges. Moreover, a bachelor's degree has more value on your resume than an associate degree which, in turn, could translate to better pays and more job options than the latter.

Disadvantages – The disadvantages of attending a four-year college are clearly time and money. Tuition fees, boarding and lodging, and other expenses related to living away from home can be a substantial drain on your (and/or your parent's) finances. Chances are that you might have to take a loan and so when you finish college, the loan debt will be over your head.

Important statistical information – A four-year college can give you an amazing college experience combining a great social life, hectic studies, amazing roommates who can become your lifelong buddies, and access to excellent extra-curricular activities that can add immense value to your resume.

Four-year colleges are available in plenty and each of them has myriad course options to choose from. It is, therefore, extremely important to do thorough research and be absolutely sure of what you want before you decide to invest time and money.

When to choose a 4-year college – If your choice of profession mandatorily requires a bachelor's degree and you have calculated the value of your investment prudently, then it makes sense to pursue a 4-year degree.

Final Notes

There are various factors to take into account before you decide which kind of degree you need to pursue; an associate degree or a bachelor's degree. In addition to considering time and money, you have to consider your personal needs and wants. Make your choice after carefully considering all aspects.

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