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Can I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Felony?

Can I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Felony?

There is no shortage of stories (both true and made-up) about students who get kicked out of college for various reasons. While some stories could be highly embellished from their original, perhaps, tame versions, it is true that students do get kicked out of college for different reasons.

So, your question, "Can I get kicked out of college for a felony?" is quite a valid one. And the answer to that is, "Yes, you can get kicked out of college for a felony?"

Reasons why you can get kicked out or expelled from college

  • Dating your professor is a complete no-no. You also cannot have relationships within the campus that are considered inappropriate by the college.

  • Plagiarism – This is an offense that will definitely get you expelled, especially for repeat offenders. You cannot use someone else's work and call it your own without giving due credit.

  • Any kind of disruptive behavior in or outside the classroom, anywhere in the campus, or even in your dorm room can get you expelled

  • Cheating while doing assignments and projects or in tests and exams

  • Criminal offenses (any kind of felony) within or outside the campus including driving under influence (DUI), public indecency, or sexual offenses are clear cut cases for getting kicked out of college

  • Possessing, using, or selling illegal drugs within and outside the college campus

  • Possessing, using, or selling legal drugs and/or medicines without appropriate prescriptions

  • Bad or unsatisfactory grades can lead to academic probation and if not corrected satisfactorily can also get you expelled

  • Drinking alcohol on the campus

  • Hiding alcohol in your dorm room

  • Using and/or carrying weapons such as guns and knives on campus

  • Giving false information and declarations knowingly whether in written or oral form

  • Harassing, assault or threatening behavior can get you thrown out of college. Everyone else like you would want to live in a safe and secure environment and if your actions can disrupt this safety net, then you are liable to be expelled from college

Students with criminal record

If you are a convicted criminal and you wish to attend college, it is better that you know the rules and regulations and limitations that you will be subject to before applying for admission.

While people with a criminal record may face challenges to get accepted into colleges, it is definitely possible to get admission. Here are some limitations, though:

You may not get financial aid – Student loans and grants from the government help many students to complete their education with financial hassles. These grants and loans help students to cover tuition fees, books, and sometimes even food and accommodation.

However, students with a convicted criminal record will not be eligible for this kind of financial aid. Drug offenses, felonies, and severe misdemeanors are reasons for not getting financial aid from federal sources. Individuals behind bars can also study; but, again they are not eligible for student grants and loans.

Final Notes

The colleges are mostly concerned about individuals with a violent past and/or drug offenses. Many colleges also conduct background checks and hence it makes a lot of sense to be truthful and upfront about any criminal charges or convictions you may have had in your past years.

A criminal record is bad news for students. Getting kicked out of college for a felony is a definite occurrence; moreover, these felonies follow you and can haunt you for life. Your felonies will be highly unfavorable to you when you are looking for employment; when you are looking for housing; or anything else.

However, despite the difficulties, you can find colleges that are willing to overlook your felonies and give you admission. It is important, therefore, to be honest, and cooperate with the admission officers when they request for documents so that there is transparency in your relationship with your college.

We all make mistakes. It is important to accept and move on in life by learning from our mistakes.

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