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Can I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Misdemeanor?

Can I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Misdemeanor?

Any criminal record, no matter how small, including those wherein there was no jail sentence and only a fine was imposed, can have long-standing negative effects on your life. The misdemeanor remains on federal records forever and can raise its ugly head anytime it wants to throughout your life.

So, I think your question, "Can I get kicked out of college for a misdemeanor?" is answered in the first paragraph of this article.

What constitutes misdemeanors?

"Misdemeanor" is a term given to nearly all minor crimes. Some examples of misdemeanors include the following:

  • Disorderly conduct

  • Driving with open bottles of alcohol

  • Holding small quantities of marijuana

  • Making fake identification cards

  • Vandalism

  • Littering

  • Writing worthless checks

  • Stealing food

  • Public drunkenness

  • Duplicating copyrighted material without due approval

  • Simple assaults such as getting into a fight

Some of the above-mentioned misdemeanors may be small, but pleading guilty or getting convicted for such cases can haunt you for life even if you do not get kicked out of college.

All federal jobs and nearly all established private companies do a background check on all job applicants. Having a convicted misdemeanor can get complicated for you. Just look at it from the employer's perspective; if he or she has the option to choose between two people who are otherwise equal in all respects but one has a misdemeanor case convicted against him or her and the other has a spotless record, then who do you think the employer will pick?

Reasons for being kicked out of college

Here are some reasons for being kicked out of college.

Criminal offense and/or misdemeanor – If you get into any kind of legal trouble for breaking a law, your college could throw you out for breaching student honor codes. Criminal offense could range from driving under influence (DUI) to public indecency to vandalism to possessing drugs to even getting to fights. These criminal offenses could be valid reasons for being kicked out irrespective of whether they were committed on or off the campus.

Fees not paid on time – If you have not got a scholarship or grant or any other form of financial aid, and if you do not pay your college fees on time, then you are liable to get kicked out of college. So, understand the costs involved and make sure you are prepared well.

Student Misconduct – Misconduct or misdemeanor is a rather a vague term and includes a wide range of deeds that can get you expelled from college. The following list will help you understand some of the things that are characterized as misconduct by the college. Please note that this list is not complete at all and is only an indicative guidance.

  • Abusive or disruptive behavior including consistent use of profane or vulgar words or verbal harassment

  • Physical abuse including rape, battery, and assault

  • Stalking or intimidating another member or student of the college; this includes hazing

  • Underage drinking or illegal use of drugs

  • Defacing personal or college property through graffiti, vandalism or any other means

  • Possession of weapons like guns and knives on the college campus

Dishonesty of any kind – The term "dishonesty" is also a rather loose term which could many things. You will find what your college terms as dishonest in your code of conduct handbook. Here are a few examples:

  • Lying to any college officials including professors, office staff etc

  • Plagiarism

  • Cheating on tests and exams

  • Using fake sources and/or data for research; making up empirical data for research without conducting surveys; not referencing or falsely claiming other resources

  • Providing false or wrong information on any of the college paperwork including the college application and/or financial aid application forms

  • Deliberate misrepresentation of facts and information about yourself

  • Tampering with information

  • Forgery

  • Reporting a false emergency to achieve your own ends

Alcohol and/or drug use – This can really get you into bad trouble and you could potentially get expelled from your college

Inappropriate relationships with college professors and/or other staff – Dating or maintaining inappropriate relationships with your professors and/or other pertinent college official is a strict no-no in all institutions.

General disruptive behavior – This could be in the form of wild parties and/or complaints from others about excessive noise. You have to maintain certain decorum on the college campus and the way you interact with other people on the campus.

Unsatisfactory grades – If your GPAs fall below the basic requirement, then you can be liable to be put on academic probation. If during the probation period, you do not manage to raise your grades, then you can get expelled too.

What kind of disciplinary action can colleges take

If any student is accused of dishonesty, or misconduct, or misdemeanor, or any other act that calls for a disciplinary action, then most universities and colleges are guided by a set of protocols and procedures that are followed.

The accused student will have to present himself or herself before a student government committee or board where the cases will be heard and punishments duly decided. The different kinds of punishments that can be meted out to students include:

Academic probation – This is the common type of penalty levied on students with poor grades. A low GPA or failing a class can cause you much harm; you can lose your financial aid and/or grants and you could also be placed on academic probation. If during the probation period, you do not show improvement, then you are liable to be expelled too.

Academic probation is defined as a trial period given to students with poor grades so that they can work and improve on their academic performance. Academic probation can also be meted out to students for misbehavior. If the student's behavior (or grades) is not improved, then he or she can be kicked out.

Academic dismissal – If you do not make satisfactory progress during the probation period, then you can be academically dismissed. This is not a good sign at all. Your transcript will show the reason why you withdrew from this college. So, if you apply to another institution, the authorities will be able to view the record.

Hence, getting an admission elsewhere will be a huge challenge. Most colleges have strict regulations not to give admission to students who have a prior academic dismissal on record.

How to appeal an academic dismissal – Most colleges allow you to appeal an academic dismissal. This could be your final chance to rectify your mistake. Here is what you should do:

  • Appear in person. An email appeal can never carry off the emotion that a personal appeal can.

  • Be transparent and honest in front of the appellate. Accept your mistake (if you have committed the mistake) and let the committee be aware of your regretful attitude.

  • Do not blame anyone else for your bad grades. Take it upon yourself and promise to work better and improve your grades

  • Be very polite. Rudeness and arrogance will work against you.

Final Notes

While protocols and procedures give students an opportunity to explain their actions, there are some acts such as committing a felony that can get students kicked out immediately. You have come to college to study, to get a good degree, to learn, and to prepare yourself for the outside world.

It, therefore, makes sense to focus on your objectives of coming to college and avoid all other issues and situations. Leverage the time in college in building skills; you will have plenty of time to do other things after you have cleared your college with flying colors.

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