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Can I Get Kicked Out Of College For Low Grades?

Can I Get Kicked Out Of College For Low Grades?

Low grades are a definite cause for concern for any student. And yes, you could potentially get kicked out of college for low grades. However, there is sufficient time (called academic probation) given to you to improve your grades.

If you work hard and manage to bring your grades to a satisfactory level, then there is no way you will be expelled. But, if during the probation period, you have not been able to improve your grades, then you could get kicked out.

So, the answer to your question, "Can I get kicked out of college for low grades?" is, "Yes, you can if you do not improve your academic performance during academic probation."

Academic Probation

Academic Probation is the most common method adopted by colleges to give a warning to a student whose grades are not up to satisfactory levels. Academic probation can be given for other misconducts and misdemeanors of students; however, it is most often used for unsatisfactory academic performance.

It is important to remember that placing a student on academic probation does not necessarily translate to dismissing the student. It is an opportunity offered to students so that they can make up and improve their grades.

How to get out of academic probation?

While it is true that academic probation does not necessarily mean getting kicked out of college, it is definitely to be considered seriously. Please read the letter informing you about you being on academic probation and ensure you understand what it says and what you need to do. How can you improve your grades and/or GPA? Here a few ways to improve your grades:

Reach out for help – Even if you feel extremely confident about the way you are studying, do not take anything for granted. Reach out for help. Seek help from:

  • Your professors -ask them what went wrong and what can you do to get better

  • A tutor – a professional dedicated tutor can be of great help to you at this point in time

  • Other students – you could reach out to friends who are academically better than you and ask them for help

Do not hesitate to ask for help. Yes, you might be embarrassed initially; but, it is better than being kicked out of college. Moreover, when you approach your professors for help, they will feel more positive towards you as they can see the effort you are putting in to get out of the mess.

Prioritize your activities – Till you successfully complete your probation period and till your grades improve significantly, it would be better for you to keep all other activities except academics low on priority. You should avoid socializing; cut down on extra-curricular activities; spend more time each day to study; see if you can quit working, etc.

Continue to seek help – Even if your confidence level has improved after getting help from various sources, continue to seek help. Get help till you have clearly in the safe zone and the academic probation has been lifted.

Final Notes

I would like to reiterate that being on academic probation is bad news; yet, it is not so bad that it cannot be reversed. Some amount of dedication and hard work from your side along with help from others can help you get out of the problem.

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