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How Many College Students Drop Out Because Of Pregnancy?

How Many College Students Drop Out Because Of Pregnancy?

College life is so stressful that many students actually use various methods to reduce stress. And, if by some unfortunate circumstance, if you end up getting pregnant too, then the pressure is multiplied considerably.

However, unplanned pregnancies are a reality among college students today and this issue needs to be addressed immediately so that other students get a timely warning and prevent such a thing from happening.

According to a study done by Wisconsin Financial Aid, about 50% of students in college have with unplanned pregnancies. About 3/4th of this set of women are young, unmarried, and not ready to raise a child.

It is quite difficult for pregnant to finish college and hence graduation rates are affected by pregnancy rates. Pregnant students normally drop out and this affects their future professional life in a very negative way.

According to thenationalcampaign.org, unplanned pregnancies and births account for one in ten dropouts among in community colleges. About 61% of college students do not complete their associate degree.

Dealing with unplanned pregnancies

Here are some ways you can work to deal with unplanned pregnancies in college:

Preventing pregnancy – Learn to protect yourself. Abstinence is the ideal way to prevent pregnancies. However, if abstinence is not possible, then at least protect yourself through the use of approved contraceptives and condoms.

Most colleges have resource centers offering sex education, free contraceptives, and counseling for students. Irrespective of whether your relationship is casual or serious, it is up to you to protect yourself to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

While unplanned pregnancies can have quite a devastating effect on your life, there are diseases that could make your life miserable. So, please, please protect yourself.

In fact, I would like to reiterate here that you must find the courage to voice your stand against these situations (despite peer pressures) and focus on studying and getting a degree from college.

What to do if you get pregnant – Yes, your college journey is definitely going to get tougher than before if you find yourself pregnant. But, do not lose heart; you can still complete college. Speak to your loved ones like parents, siblings, friends, etc and also professional counselors and seek advice. Remember to take only that advice or suggestion that works for you. Do not let guilt or other such emotions affect your decision.

Learn resilience. Having a child and completing college is a really challenging task. Find ways to bend but make sure you don't break. Remember your child is now going to depend on you.

See if you can get support from friends and family – Look around you and see if friends can come to your aid. There are many success stories of women finishing college with flying colors despite an unwanted pregnancy with immense help from roommates and friends

Families can also be a great support system during these difficult times. Moms, grandmoms, aunts, governesses, etc can be of great help to you. Reach out to them if you know someone like them.

Look at quitting only as a last option – Even if it is unplanned, a pregnancy means a child who is going to depend on you will be part of your life sooner than later. If you have to be of any help to that little one, you have to arm yourself with a college degree which can of a huge help in getting you a well-paying job that is an essentiality if you want to raise a child well.

As a college student, you will still be young and physically and mentally fit. Don't wallow in any kind of self-pity; get up and get going. Your college degree will be the trump card that will save your life as well as that of your baby.

Remember it is possible to have a baby and finish college – There are many success stories of women who have had babies while in college and have managed to complete their degree too. It does require more ardent efforts from your end; but, it is not impossible at all. So, do not think of quitting college.

How colleges are managing to keep students from dropping out because of unplanned pregnancies

Academic institutions are working harder to help students remain in college despite unplanned pregnancies. They are supporting students in various ways to improve college success for these students. Here are few of the measures that academic advisors are taking to increase retention of students.

Forging partnerships with non-profit agencies to run programs on campus – Many colleges are signing agreements with non-partisan, non-profit organizations such as The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy to organize training and counseling programs to reduce and prevent unplanned pregnancies on campus.

These non-profit agencies work in tandem with college authorities to spread information among students on how to prevent unplanned pregnancies through online sessions and through offline educational initiatives.

Colleges are engaging students in an effort to build trust – Academic advisors and professors are finding it extremely difficult to manage curriculum itself in the short duration of time available to them. Despite these difficulties, colleges are exhorting teaching staff to engage more with their students so that they can build trust thereby helping in the retention of students and reducing dropout rates.

The teaching staff uses the topic of prevention of unplanned pregnancies as topics for assignments and projects and rope in married students with children to help educate others on ways to prevent pregnancies and to talk about methods of contraception.

Colleges hold workshops and educational panels to disburse information on the effects of unplanned pregnancies – There are regular college-wide programs, educational panels, and workshops that are conducted to spread awareness about the effects of unplanned pregnancies. Colleges invite eminent speakers to talk about how pregnancy can be prevented; how sexual health can be improved.

A lot of interaction is planned with interested staff members, student organizations, and student life personnel to enhance the reach of such programs. Students themselves are encouraged to join peer-advising groups or clubs and participate in programs organized by student organizations on this subject.

Tips to manage pregnancy and college

The importance of attending and completing your college degree has already been emphasized earlier in this article. Now, here are some tips to manage pregnancy and college and have the best of both worlds:

Plan ahead and plan in detail – While in college, depending on the time you got pregnant, make your arrangements for the semester that is going to clash with your delivery date. Plan your classes carefully. If you have morning sickness, then factor that into your planning schedule.

Make sure you eat and exercise as per your doctor's advice because, in this crucial time, your physical and mental statuses have to be in their peak-performing form. Join a fitness club like the yoga or running club.

Learn up on the laws that are made specifically for pregnant college students – There are many rights with regards to health care and other important aspects of pregnancy. Read up and know about them and make sure you leverage the advantages of these laws.

Let your professors know about your pregnancy – Do not be embarrassed or shy about your pregnancy. Instead, be proud of yourself as you are a strong woman to manage the challenges of college and pregnancy. Talk about your pregnancy to your professors and keep them in the loop. Many of them are understanding and considerate when it comes to late submission of projects and assignments. They will be empathetic towards you.

Don't take undue advantage of the situation. Keep track of your deadlines; work twice as hard as others and prove to the world that you can be a great student and a great mother.

Look for other study options like online and part-time courses – The flexibility of online and/or part-time courses will help you manage your time better and you will feel less stressed out.

Final Notes

Avoiding an unplanned pregnancy is the ideal situation. Remember you are in college to get a degree so that you can have a great life ahead of you. However, when these things happen, do not lead your life with guilt and regret. Face your challenges head on; work harder than ever before, and show the world what you can do.

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