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Should I Drop Out Of College?

Should I drop out of college?

College presents a big opportunity for students to work towards achieving their goals in life. But for one reason or another, sometimes students find themselves faced with the prospect of dropping out. Truth be told, there will always be the pro dropping out faction trying to lobby everyone into their course. It will be asserted that quitting college will not necessarily hinder you from achieving success. You probably will be outlined some major reasons on why you should join the brigade. If you engage them further, chances are you will be quoted a list of mega-successful individuals who in their days dropped out of college. In all fairness, the list is quite impressive with the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, to name but a few, featuring. What you don't get to hear most often, is that when it comes to the said success, this group happens to be the outlier. Having said that, I am guessing by now you have already sensed my answer to the above question.

In America, college graduates earn about 75% more compared to their high school counterparts. This is an indication that society values college education. The general expectation from the society is to get a good degree and a career job after that. Quitting college may, therefore, turn out to be one of the most counterproductive actions you will ever take. You may quit college thinking that you will rejoin at a later time and live to regret it. I have had a chance to speak to such individuals over the past number of years. The plan is to always come back but once you quit life has a way of getting in the way. Join the chain and it can signal the end to your education. For some, they do find a way back but they more often than not, end up facing the same challenges again and dropping out once more. John Mackey, of Whole Foods, is a famous example. He dropped out of college six times before he ultimately quit.

A degree is a degree, I can assure you that. If you are thinking of pursuing a different career than the one covered in your education you do not have to pull the plug on your current course. Even if your motivation to quit stems from the entrepreneur in you, know that a business can fail or fail to match your targets. Should that happen, having a degree can do you a world of good. Again your desire to quit may be nothing more than a temporary inclination. The challenges that may be making you contemplate it may pass and even if they don't college education is not permanent. Within a couple, of years you will be done and still fresh to pursue any of your current intended ventures. After graduating, you will have the papers to back your knowledge and skills.

The number of college dropouts who are able to find some financially meaningful work is increasingly on the decline. It's true that becoming successful is not tied with graduating college but it also absolutely not tied with dropping out college. In the current world, unless you happen to have one of those once in a lifetime ideas, college is a necessity and not just a matter of incremental value. Apart from entering high tech, most of the other fancy careers we know will most likely need you to possess a degree backing up your skills. Due to the current competition, you may even end up needing to acquire an advanced degree to take a crack at either of high management, medicine, law, and finance.

Among the individuals who dropped out of college, most claim the associated workload was the main reason for quitting. If you work either a part time or full time, you can relate to that. Same goes for those students with a huge list of extracurricular activities. Increased social excursions coupled with blowing off classes can leave you behind on most of the class work. This accumulated workload can make it hard for most students to navigate through. In comes Prescott Papers. Our academic help services can help prevent the need to withdraw.

The moment you feel like quitting is the moment you should start pushing. And Prescott Papers will always be there to help you with your course. We provide academic assistance and can help you effectively prepare for any exams. For a small fee, we will prepare study guides specific to your units. Our tutors are Ivy-League level scholars that have expertise in many subjects. As a plus, our services are purely confidential and our custom writings services will help not only reduce your workload but also get good marks.

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