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What Percentage Of College Students Drop Out?

What Percentage Of College Students Drop Out?

According to a report published by National Student Clearing House, only 55% of college students finished their undergraduate study in the fall of 2008 as against 56.1% in 2007. The dropout rates are quite alarming and as per statistics revealed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, out of 18 developed nations, US is the lowest in terms of college completion rates.

I hope that answers your question, "What percentage of college students drop out?" Now, let us look at the reasons for students to drop out of college.

Why do students drop out of college?

Cost factor – Affordability is a large contributory factor for increased dropouts in college. While some take student loans to cover part of the cost, it is rarely enough. Moreover, the cost of food and accommodation adds to the financial burden. Unable to make ends meet, many students are compelled to give up college halfway and get a job.

Many students need a full-time job – A corrigendum for the above point, a full-time job becomes imperative for many students to manage the cost of studying in college. Managing full-time jobs with college can be quite a challenging proposition. So, when pushed to a corner of having to make a choice, invariably, many choose to give up college and hold on to their jobs.

Family problems – For many students, family emergencies take up a lot of energy and time. It has a huge impact on the emotion of students. Moreover, having to take time off from college to handle these family issues adds to their burden and they find it easier to quit college.

College life is very stressful – After finishing high school with flying colors, it would seem to many newcomers that college is going to be a breeze too. However, they soon realize that the extent of coursework and the format of studying (which is very unlike high school where teachers were spoon-feeding you) take a toll on the stress levels of college students. They rather choose to quit than take this kind of stress.

Some students are not sure which subject to major in – Most of the students get into college without deciding on their major. This actually not a problem at since the first two years consists of general education courses. You will get ample time to decide on your major. However, if you don't spend time to think and decide before the end of the two years, the stress could drive you to drop out of college. That is the case with many college dropouts.

Many students are not prepared for the workload in college – Many students come into college thinking it is going to a life of parties and fun. They do not realize that studies and huge workloads of assignments, project, essays, and deadlines come much before parties even begin. They find themselves unequipped to manage college workloads.

Personal emergencies like unplanned pregnancies, alcohol/drug addictions, or any form sickness – These are also reasons for many students to drop out of college. College is difficult by itself and if you have to add on avoidable issues like unplanned pregnancies and addiction to substances, then it can get out of hand. Students simply drop out.

Final Notes

The reasons for dropping out of college are many. Yet, each of the reasons can be managed and handled by hard work, diligence, and a little bit of help from family, friends, and professionals. When situations get tough, you must get tougher. At the end of this difficult road is the great life with a well-paying job waiting for you.

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