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Will I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Bad Gpa For One Semester? [Part 1]

Will I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Bad Gpa For One Semester? [Part 1]

Low GPA (Grade Point Average) can lead to enormous stress in your college life. However, I would like to assure that while a bad GPA for one semester can cause you concerns, it is not very likely that you will get kicked out of college. However, you can be put on academic probation for a pre-determined period of time within which you have show improvement in your grades.

A low GPA is usually pegged at 2.0 or less. Transferring to another college could also pose challenges as most colleges require a GPA of 2.5 or above for your application to be even considered.

Despite the seemingly bleak outlook, a low GPA need not ruin your future because the situation is reversible. And the success of that reversibility lies in your hands. If you work hard and diligently and improve your grades, then you will be allowed to continue your college education.

This article gives you a list of reasons for low GPA scores and also how to overcome the challenges of academic probation.

Reasons for low GPA

Poor time management – Some college students do not manage their time well. You have to balance your time between socializing and studying with the latter getting a larger proportion than the former. But, many students don't follow this rule and end up wasting a lot of time in doing things that hurt rather than help their college prospects. Consequently, they end up with low GPAs.

Taking on more than they can handle - Many students are so excited by the various options available in college, that they bite more than they can chew. They enroll in a debate club; they take part in a lot of extra-curricular activities; they take on a lot of classes. They are running from one class to another class with absolutely no time for a breather. They end up feeling so exhausted that they cannot manage to study enough and do not complete assignments and follow-through exercises resulting in low GPAs.

Some students realize that they have chosen a wrong major – Yes, this does happen many a time. Students choose their major based on popular choice or because their friends have chosen it or because their parents believe this is the best for them. Whatever be the reason for making the choice, students realize their folly and lose interest in studying the subject and hence the low GPAs.

Wrong prioritization – Many times, students prioritize their college in a wrong manner. Giving more resources to socializing and party and fewer resources to do assignments and projects diligently is a classic example of erroneous prioritization by college students.

Laziness and procrastination – This is a very common reason for low GPAs. Many students feel lazy more often than it is good for them. Laziness drives them to put off the tasks of doing homework, of attending classes regularly, of submitted assignments on time, etc. They are rather skilled in the art of procrastination and before they know it, the results are out and their transcripts read a low GPA.

How to overcome academic probation

There is little you can do about your previous academic disaster. The judgment has been passed and you are now on academic probation. And if you do not wake up from your deep slumber and do something about it, then the answer to your question, "Will I get kicked out of college for a bad gpa for one semester?" will be, "Yes, you can get kicked out!"

Take away all distractions from your life for some time – Be honest with those friends who party and socialize a lot more than they should and tell them your low GPA is something you are unhappy about and want to reprioritize your life. If they cannot help you, then it makes sense to cut them off from your life.

Ruthless though this may sound, you will be happy with your decision when you see your academic probation being lifted! Make sure a large percentage of your time is given to studying and doing assignments.

Keep fit and eat well – A healthy and a healthy body are both critical during this crucial period. Make sure you keep physically fit and eat nutritious food to keep your mind alert. For the sake of being physically fit, it makes sense to join a running club in college. This will help you be physically active and also give you a productive reason for taking a break from studying.

Final Notes

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