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Will I Get Kicked Out Of College For Smoking Weed?

Will I Get Kicked Out Of College For Smoking Weed?

All colleges in the country are smoke-free and hence smoking cigarettes or weed is banned on college campuses. This ban exists even in those colleges which are in the jurisdiction of states where the use of marijuana is legalized.

Whether you will get kicked out of college for smoking weed would, perhaps, depend on the honor code of your college. However, one thing is certain. The chances that you get put on academic probation are very high and your every move will be watched intently. This is certainly not going to be a comfortable situation for you.

So, don't waste your time asking, "Will I get kicked out of college for smoking weed?" Instead, focus on the negative effects of weed on your life and see how you can stay away from such addictive habits.

Important information about weed

Weed is one of the common names given to marijuana, a drug that is legalized in some states of the US and banned in many other states. Marijuana is made from the cannabis plant. It is dried out, powdered and smoked in a pipe or like a cigarette. Marijuana can be made into "edibles" such as candies and baked foods. Eating these edibles has the same effect as smoking weed.

As per a survey conducted by National Household Survey on drug abuse, children who use marijuana are 4 times more likely to get violent or damage property and they are 5 times more likely to steal than those who are free from the effects of weed.

According to Addiction Center, college students are one of the biggest groups of drug abusers across the country. Many young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are already in a heightened risk of addiction. This resource also opines that students who enrolled for full-time college courses are doubly at risk of using drugs than those who don't attend college!

Using advanced technologies, more potent forms of marijuana are being cultivated and hence college students visiting the emergency room for overdose have gone up considerably.

If you continue to use weed, your tolerance level is going to build up and this will drive you to stronger and more harmful drugs to reach the same "high." When the effects of marijuana are active, you feel good; however, when the effects wear off, a lot of unwanted and painful conditions are felt by you.

To avoid these unwanted conditions, you would again be driven to use more harmful and more potent forms of drugs. Remember, the more powerful a drug may appear, the more harm it will cause your body and mind.

Short-term effects of using weed

  • Loss of coordination

  • Distortions in the sense of hearing, vision, and time

  • Excessive sleepiness

  • Reddening of the eyes

  • Relaxed muscles

  • Increased appetite

  • Your heart rate can speed up beyond the healthy limits; in fact, in the first hour of inhaling weed smoke, the risk of heart attack increased 5 times.

  • Your academic performance will take a beating as your concentration and comprehension levels will be decreased considerably

Long-term effect of using weed

  • Psychotic damage

  • Heart and lung damage

  • Bronchitis symptoms will get worse

  • Coughing and wheezing

  • Reduction in your body's capability to fight infections

Why do students turn to drugs like weed

Being aware of why college students turn to drugs will help you avoid such situations. Here are some of the reasons for students to reach out for drugs:

High levels of stress – college is very demanding and comes with a lot of coursework, internships, part-time jobs, and social obligations. Many students turn to drugs to cope with this kind of stress.

Overload of coursework – There is an overload of coursework including assignments, projects, paper submissions and more. Many students feel they are compelled to stay up in the night to complete all the work within the given deadlines. So, they end up using artificial stimulants and prescription drugs to help stay awake at night.

Curiosity – As students feel the rush of new emotions and new experiences in their lives for the first time and that too without fear of parent rebuke and/or supervision, they are attracted to exploring new aspects. Unfortunately, drugs also take on the form of an opportunity for these kids. And before they know it they are hooked and get addicted.

Peer Pressure – Being away from the comforting confines of their home, many students feel compelled to identify themselves and find favor with a group of friends or peers. Many times, this compulsion drives them to attempt things including recreational things like casual sex and drugs.

What are colleges doing to manage the drug menace

Many colleges are becoming very strict to keep the drug menace under check on their campus. Colleges are taking seemingly excessive steps to manage the situation. These steps include removing any kind of drug-triggers such as not giving approval for parties, social gatherings, etc.

Most colleges are now openly acknowledging the fact that drug abuse among students is a huge deterrent to educational objectives. Moreover, there are state and federal mandates that necessitate colleges to deliver health education including those related to drug and alcohol abuse.

The US Department of Education is funding activities under The Safe and Drug-Free Schools Programs which are aimed at prevention of the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs in and around schools and colleges.

These programs mandate the participation of all stakeholders including parents, student bodies and associations, teachers, counselors, and other relevant members of the community. This way, the programs for deterring the use of drugs in college will be a collective and wholesome effort by all concerned instead of being a simple one-way pedantic approach.

Colleges are working hard to shed the party-image – Many colleges which till a decade ago were famous for its partying scene have begun to change their image. Many of these colleges are shedding this image. They are framing and implementing policies wherein alcohol-related paraphernalia are banned during college events.

Penalties have become stricter and more stringent than before for students getting with drinking or using substances. This, the college management hopes, will deter other students from trying.

Colleges are having addiction-recovery programs on campus – College officials are targeting students with high-risk behaviors for addiction-recovery programs on campus. The penalties for repeat offenders are becoming more stringent and the fine amounts are increasing. Moreover, some of the students with high-risk behavior are also being penalized with a jail sentence.

Some colleges are controlling the issue of prescription drugs too – One of the first medications that students get addicted to are stimulants that are prescribed for helping them stay awake to manage large amounts of coursework. Colleges are also looking into this. Before prescribing these kinds of medicines, students are required to take part in counseling services and workshops that teach them to manage time better. The workshops also give them warnings about the effects of taking such medicines. These colleges hope to nip the drug problem in the bud!

Final Notes

College life can be a lot of fun without having to depend on drugs and alcohol. Learning new ideas, making new friends, learning to be independent, learning in a new environment; all these need not be stressful; they could be amazing learning experiences that make you a stronger person than before. These seemingly difficult times maybe trying but definitely not impossible.

A little of hard work, dedication, and some amount of help from teachers, professionals, and peers can make your college life meaningful, productive, and fun.

At Prescott Papers, we thoroughly empathize with you as you struggle through college and its overload. Instead of turning to drugs, turn to our writing experts who will gladly help you overcome challenges associated with all kinds of academic writing.

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