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Editing College Papers

Editing College Papers

Editing college papers cannot be avoided at all. You cannot say that you have spent a lot of time and effort on writing and hence nothing can go wrong, therefore you are not going to edit.

Writing the paper alone will achieve nothing substantial. A good quality college paper can be achieved only through combining an effective writing and a meticulously followed editing process. A well-written essay means a nicely written and edited essay. Both tasks need to be done.

Tips on editing college papers

Start the editing process by reading your essay aloud.

Make sure your college paper does not sound pretentious. For this, avoid the use of complex and difficult-to-understand words and phrases. Use simple and direct language without attempting to simply sound like a smart person.

Remove all redundant and tangential words, phrases, and paragraphs too. Ensure you use only that information that has a direct impact on the topic you are writing about. If you include any idea or thought not connected to the topic, the reader will be distracted taking his or her attention away from the core topic at hand. The flow of content will be disrupted needlessly.

Many times, quite unwittingly, we end up giving too much of a preamble before we come to the point or describe something in more detail than needed. During the editing process, it is important for you to check this aspect and ensure that your content is short, crisp, and to-the-point without undue elaboration.

Make sure most of your college paper is in the active voice rather than in the passive voice. Usage of active voice will bring more clarity to your essay.

Remove all kinds of duplications and redundancies. Repeating something already said will simply eat into your stipulated word count.

Ensure your essay is free from all grammatical errors. Check for correct and consistent use of tense. Check for misplaced modifiers thoroughly. For this, find all the modifiers and make sure they are placed at the correct position.

Check for spelling errors. Do not simply accept what the spell checker is doing for you. You read every word and make sure spelling errors are completely absent. Specifically check for words that are easy to miss such as "too instead of two," "to instead of too," "their instead of there," etc. They are seemingly small mistakes but can have a drastically negative effect on the reader and finally, your grades.

Look carefully at the choice of words. Avoid using ostentatious words. When 'beautiful' fits in beautifully, avoid using 'pulchritudinous." The higher number of showy words you use the more the chances of getting the tone of your essay wrong.

It is always best to wait for at least one day after you finish writing your paper to start editing it. This break will remove all excessive information about the topic from your head. You will feel more refreshed and rejuvenated when you start off the editing process after taking a short break from the writing process.

Final Notes

If you do choose to ask someone else to do the editing for you (it could be your friend or professional services like Prescott Papers), remember that you are not bound to take every edit or revision that has been pointed out.

If the edits and revisions are cutting into your writing style or if you feel that with the edits done, the essay does not reflect what you as a person would have wanted to say, then do not feel bad not to accept their corrections. Good writing is not a democratic process. It is a very personal thing and you are the owner of your writing style.

At Prescott Papers, our teams of writers and editors are standing by to help you with all your academic writing and editing needs.

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