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Dissertation Motivation

Dissertation Motivation

An important milestone in the life of a college student is the completion of a dissertation. However, when you start planning for it, you will see the milestone as a small speck at a far distance that seems unreachable. You feel demotivated and are uncertain of your capabilities.

It is indeed a long and arduous journey to the finish line and it is very easy to lose motivation midway through your dissertation process. There are umpteen challenges to overcome. Yet, your deep desire to successfully finish your dissertation and come out in flying colors will drive you.

This article talks answers the following questions:

  • What are the challenges faced while writing a dissertation?

  • How to keep dissertation motivation at a high level?

Challenges of writing a dissertation

Writing a dissertation requires very different skills from writing simple essays in college – Many students find it difficult to understand the mechanics of writing a dissertation and also fail to understand the need to write something so complex. Hence, many students end up doing a bad job. The learning objectives and the expectations are very different too. You have to put your mind to it to learn and master the how, why, and what kind of work has to be done to write a dissertation. The earlier you start this process, the better it is for you.

Creating a thesis statement can be daunting – Dissertations have to be unique and should provide findings and information that can generate debates and discussions. The thesis statement on which the entire dissertation is based should be original, specific, finite and yet provide ample opportunities to provide for arguments and counter-arguments. Creating a thesis statement that meets these needs can prove to be a daunting challenge.

Doing the literature review section can be a big challenge for novices – Students new to the concept of in-depth research can find this section quite difficult to do. Dissertations require you to do extensive literary reading and review of existing information and studies about the concerned topic. Consulting multiple sources, organizing the data in a methodical and logical manner, and retrieval of information are all difficult aspects of a literature review that can create problems even for the seasoned essay writer.

Time Management – This is, perhaps, the biggest challenges faced by students writing dissertations. Invariably, the deadline for the submission of the dissertation is given way ahead of time creating a sense of nonchalance among students because they feel that there is still plenty of time. Then, as the deadline draws close, they start to work and are overwhelmed by the amount of work that is needed to be done in such a short time. They overlook the fact that the reason for giving such a faraway deadline is because the work involved is plenty too. It is imperative you start working on your dissertation as early as you can.

How to stay keep the level of dissertation motivation high?

The above challenges can easily dent your self-confidence and motivation levels. You cannot allow the lack of motivation to come in the way of completing your dissertation well and on time. Here are some tips to keep motivation levels at a high right through the dissertation writing process.

Accept responsibility for yourself – Tell yourself that if you don't sit down and starting working on your dissertation, no one else will. It is entirely up to you to ensure successful completion of your dissertation. It is not the responsibility of your mentor or professor or coursemates or friends or family. It is yours alone. If the dissertation is completed, the credit is yours, isn't it? So, if it is not completed, the blame is yours too! So, get into action and take onus for your dissertation.

Create imaginary deadlines each day – Every morning you wake up, tell yourself that you have only one hour to dedicate to the dissertation today and set yourself some target to complete some task that can get over in about an hour. When you complete it, you will feel motivated to take on more on the same day. These kinds of scare tactics can do wonders to get you glued to your chair working on your dissertation.

Commit some time every day for your dissertation – Make a little time table for your dissertation tasks and commit a little time everyday for this. Make this a part of your daily routine until it becomes an ingrained habit. This will help enhance you focusing skills and as you see tasks getting completed, you will feel more motivated.

Eliminate all distractions – When you are working on your dissertation, ensure all kinds of distractions are far away from you. Put off mobile phones, turn off notifications on your computer, and keep all other devices that are not directly associated with your dissertation away from you. In fact, use a timer and set it for one hour. Do not get up from your chair for the entire one hour. When the timer goes off, get up and take a 5-minute break. Set the timer for one hour again and get to work!

Yes, it is going to be painful initially. But, I can assure you that as work progresses and you see your dissertation slowly taking shape, your motivation levels will see a big spike! And I can also assure you that there will come a time when you are so self-motivated that you will not need any external help in this regard.

Keep yourself mentally and physically fit – Do not underestimate the value of being fit. A fit body houses a fit mind. Make sure you eat nutritious food, get sufficient sleep, and exercise regularly. Don't compromise on any of these three elements in your life. Additionally, indulge in meditation and exercises for mindfulness to help keep your mind sharp and alert always. These skills are not just for your college tenure but will be valuable right through your life.

Give and take motivation from your friends – There will be many others in your course or college who are also going through the difficulties and challenges of writing dissertations. It might make sense to form some kind of an informal support group and motivate each other. Knowing that you are not alone in your pain can give you a feeling of oneness and motivate you to strive harder.

Final Notes

Despite working hard to overcome challenges, there could be times when you feel low and unworthy because some aspects are not moving forward the way you would like them to. During such times, instead of being bogged down by these feelings of depressions, find ways to motivate yourself.

For example, look at some academic writing work you had done earlier and received praise for. Or think of those times when you were in trouble and how you managed to overcome those struggles. Look at the positives in your life and find motivation from those happy times.

Visualize a picture of receiving your dissertation completion certificate and use that image as a motivating factor. Visualize your graduation day when kudos and congratulations will be showered on you. Such visualizations can be great motivators too.

And when you are overwhelmed and need professional help with your dissertation, browse through the list of custom dissertation writing services offered by Prescott Papers and call us for any kind of help. Our teams of writers and editors will be happy to help you complete your dissertation with flying colors.

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